Safely Return After Lockdown in the UK

The latest COVID-19 announcement from the UK government laid out a ‘road map’, which detailed the predicted progress of the vaccine, and the gradual transitioning out of lockdown.

In short, this plan showed us all how we can expect our daily lives to return to normal within the next few months. Unsurprisingly, this announcement was met with delight up and down the country, particularly from parents who have been homeschooling their children for several months.

UK schools are due to re-open on March 8

Countless parents across the UK will now be counting down the days before they can send their little ones back to school, and settle down for some well-learned peace and quiet during the weekdays (who knows, we might even be able to get some proper work done!).

It’s the first sign towards things to come, and a real indication that the vaccine is working as well as we had hoped. However, although we can’t wait for ‘normal life’ to return, there is still some trepidation at the thoughts of what this might mean.

Unsurprisingly, we’re all at least a little anxious about the return to work and school. While we’re excited by this development, the top priority for all of us is the question of how can it be done safely?

So, as businesses and schools work towards reopening in part or full, we all need to stay mindful of the latest coronavirus advice, as provided by the government.

Although the end of lockdown is in sight, we need to keep an eye on the restrictions as they continue to change, to ensure that we are keeping ourselves and our loved ones as safe as possible.

Our top tips for a safe return to work and school

Our top tips for a safe return to work and school

Whether you’re an employer looking to welcome back your staff, or a parent preparing your child for their return to school, be sure to plan for this development. This way, when the 8th of March does arrive, you will be well-prepared.

In this blog post, we’ve outlined our advice to help you undertake this transition in a way that safeguards the health and wellbeing of yourself and those around you. With these top tips, you can ensure that you return to work and school in the safest way possible.

Help your child to understand the situation.

Explain clearly to your child what is happening, and that it is safe for them to return to school. By having this conversation with them, you can mitigate any nerves they might be experiencing.

Make sure that your child doesn’t feel unnecessarily panicked or anxious and, if they do feel scared about going back to school, tell them that they can always speak to you or their teacher about how they are feeling. 

Be on-time

Our top tips for a safe return to work and school

Many schools have introduced staggered start and finish times between classes, to minimise the likelihood that students in different classrooms will come into contact with each other.So, help out the teachers by ensuring that you are exactly on time for picking up and dropping off your child.

Keep your hand sanitizer with you

Keep a mini bottle of hand sanitizer and a little pack of anti-bacterial wipes with you when you head out to work. These are also handy things to pop in your kid’s school bag if allowed by the administration.

Although hand sanitizing stations will have been installed throughout these buildings, these items are still great to have with you on the go, and for use on your commute home. 

Keep communal spaces clean

Our top tips for a safe return to work and school

Make sure any communal spaces - such as your office kitchen - are very hygienic, and that the area has plenty of hand washing facilities. Be sure to keep soaps or your hand wash readily stocked up, too.

Take COVID-19 tests as advised

Consult the government guidelines, and take coronavirus tests as advised. We would also advise that you stock up on plenty of at-home corona kits.

If you or your child are showing any symptoms of coronavirus, don’t go into school or work. You can ensure that you are well-prepared for this event by finding out in advance what you or your child should do if you have symptoms, and who you need to report it to.

Invest in a dependable face mask

Our top tips for a safe return to work and school

The government has advised everyone to continue to wear masks throughout the duration of this reopening phase, and here thereafter. As this announcement is part of measures to ease the lockdown, it is well worth investing in a high-quality and reusable mask like Cambridge Mask.

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