There are a number of unauthorized groups and individuals who claim to sell authentic Cambridge Mask Co products and/or claim to be the official Cambridge Mask Co.


Misspelled and Misleading Domain Names

Please be aware, the scams are very sophisticated and could fool even the most discerning customer. Here are two websites that are currently falsely claiming to be Cambridge Mask Co:



False Social Media Pages

We currently do not sell products via any platform other than our websites. If you are buying from other resellers, make sure you are buying from an official distributor. They will be able to prove that they are an official distributor of Cambridge Mask Co by showing you their authenticated certificate.

The following Facebook page is NOT affiliated with us:



  • Cambridge Mask Co does not communicate via generic email address such as Hotmail or Yahoo. ALL communications will originate from a verifiable Cambridge Mask Co e-mail address (domains of and not from any free web-based email account.
  • Scam Page Any Platfrom Icon Cambridge Mask Co never takes orders via WhatsApp or any other chat platform.
  • Scam Page Icon Authentic email icon When you place an order with us you will receive an official order number via an authentic Cambridge Mask Co email address.
  • Scam Page Google Icon Search Google or the Cambridge Mask Co official website to verify any details provided in suspicious or false communication with anyone posing as a Cambridge Mask Co reseller (i.e. check for details such as the CEO’s name).
  • Scam Page Email Icon If you receive an email from a suspicious alias, please contact for clarification.



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