What does the press say about Cambridge Mask Co? Cambridge Mask has boomed in popularity since its establishment in 2015 as a startup with a mission to help everyone, everywhere breathe cleaner air. Now a global sensation, our company has been the talk of the town all over the world. The Times, Guardian, BBC, Business Weekly, New York Times, and other local and international media companies have featured our exclusive products. Our high-quality masks speak for themselves, but we still love spreading the word about how they can help people achieve the respiratory health they deserve. Christopher Dobbing, Founder, and CEO of Cambridge Mask Co is no stranger to the media spotlight. Promoting awareness about our unique personal protective product is part of his goal to help people around the world and he can be found regularly giving statements and interviews for large, global media companies. As well as being readily available for interviews and press releases, our CEO can also provide insightful general media commentary on China Business, SME, Environmental Issues, Bloomberg, and more. If you would like to get in touch, find out more about the company, or receive official video, b-roll, soundbites, or company films/images, please contact us via press@cambridgemask.com



The Scoop on How We Are Tackling the Global Pandemic Head On

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are unable to match the demand for face masks needed by customers. In an interview with Bloomberg, our Founder and CEO discussed the high-quality production standards our masks meet. He also talked about how Cambridge Mask Co. is managing unprecedented demand for masks during the coronavirus pandemic.


All You Need to Know About Cambridge Masks Eco-Friendly Makeover

Everybody knows that green is the new black! It’s certainly no secret that environmentalism is possibly the most important issue we should be focused on to preserve life as we know it. With an ever-growing population, humanity is putting increasing pressure on the natural world and its finite resources. So here at Cambridge Mask, we couldn’t be more proud to be reducing our carbon footprint. We are so excited to introduce our newly improved eco-friendly PRO mask range packaging.


Heres How You Can Find Your Mask Size

Wearing the correct mask size is essential for effective filtration and comfort. What size mask do you need? How can you find out your mask size? Do you really have to measure? Can you just use your weight to make an educated guess? You ordered a mask, but it doesn’t fit at all! Read on and to find all your questions answered.


Our Story: Christopher Dobbing and Cambridge Mask 

Cambridge alumni, Christopher Dobbing, set his sights on Asia after finishing up his degree. The choking air pollution in his new home town of Beijing was a regular problem that our CEO couldn’t believe young children had to face as a part of their daily lives. It became clear to him that he needed to find a solution. After extensively researching academic publications, health studies, and news sources, he set up his own personal protective equipment mask company. Today, the company’s factory and headquarters are near Cambridge, with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. This is Christopher’s Cambridge Mask Co story.


Bridge and Stitch Collaborate With Cambridge Mask to Bring Asia Cleaner Air 

UK manufacturing brings China an air pollution busting product. The team at Bridge & Stitch takes the exclusive, high-quality fabrics sourced by Cambridge Mask Co and assemble them into our fashionable face masks. Here’s our CEO with Bridge & Stitch bringing you more…