Mother's Day: Cambridge Mask’s Top Gifts

Celebrating women twice in less than seven days, from International Women’s Day to Mother's Day, this truly is an empowering week for Grandmothers, Mothers, and soon-to-be mums. Whether near or far, it’ll be hard to go wrong with what we have in store. The past year has been arduous for us all, but our mums were once (or still are) hauling us around in prams and still messaging us on those days we’re feeling a little down.

It’s always a good time to send a treat, so ensure to get yourself organised for this Mother's Day (and don’t skip out on the card either). Whether an experience or an at-home pamper session, Cambridge Mask has brought you five of our top gifts for this year’s Mother's Day.


Cambridge Mask Cystic Fibrosis

You just can’t ever go wrong with flowers; however, these aren’t the kind that will be dying off anytime soon - if anything this is a gift that just doesn’t stop giving. We are never one to favourite, however, The Cambridge Mask 65 Roses Mask pulls trump for our top gift. Not only stylish for our mums but also one of the safest gifts to give this Mother's Day, allowing her the freedom to move around knowing that her health and wellbeing are at the forefront of her day. Masks are now one of the top gifts in 2021, so why not ensure the best on the market?

Pizza Means Love

Mother's Day Gift Pizza at home

There is no better way to say you love somebody than through the element of food. Now, this can depend on where you are in the world, however, with a bit of research, the world is your oyster (quite literally). We found ourselves a virtual Pizza Pack, and yes, we will be sending one to ourselves whilst also sending one to our mum - it’s so we can cook along too! If you’re based in the UK Franco Manka is providing at home Pizza in the Post, sourdough pizza kits; packed full of all the goodies ready for a zoom-based Mother's Day experience!

It’s all about feeling good on the inside & the outside

Mother's Day Gift

Don’t stop at just luscious skincare this Mother's Day, think about skincare and inner care, with Aurelia’s Probiotic Heros Collection, designed to enhance radiance from within whilst boosting your wellness defences. This stunning gift set contains not only their new Beauty & Immunity Support Supplements but also a trio of award-winning and bestselling favourites infused with PROTIDA™. From pigmentation, loss of elasticity to hydration and glow, this is the perfect lockdown night in treat.

Get Silky

Mother's Day Gift

If you’re treating your mum to skincare, don’t ever forget about those luscious locks of hers. And no, we are not telling you to buy haircare, we are talking about Silk Pillowcases! These pillowcases have been designed to no longer absorb valuable night creams or hair serums, leaving your mum’s skin feeling nourished and her hair feeling silky smooth every morning. Not only is Cambridge Mask recommending these, but they’re known to be recommended by stylists and dermatologists as a perfect addition to a night-time skincare routine. (We’ll take them all.)

Out of the ordinary

Mother's Day Gift

For our final gift, and by no means least, we are taking socially distanced to a whole new level with Facebook Portal Plus, a Smart Video Calling 15.6” Touch Screen Display with Alexa! Bringing tech to your mums home this Mother's Day to make zoom a whole other thing of the past. We all know that there is nothing worse than a poorly angled or faulty Zoom or video call, so this year your mum can use these to keep in touch with family, friends and use all handy smart home functions!

Our Take 

Mother's Day Gift 2021

We’re aware this past year has been hard, and with safety at the forefront of everything we do, we are here to support the transition back to a new normal. So, let’s continue to show love, celebrate our loved ones and show those around us that we care! Starting with Cambridge Masks and ending with you!

Have a fantastic Mother's Day to all!