The Cambridge Mask employs a series of filters designed to ensure only the cleanest possible air. Composed of a total of three layers, each layer acts as a barrier to the various pollutants typically found in both indoor and outdoor air. The three-layered filter system is made up of a Primary Filter, a Three Ply-Micro Particulate Layer, and a Military Grade Activated Carbon Filter.


The Primary Filter

The Primary Filter is the Cambridge Masks first line of defence and filters larger particles such as dust and PM10. By way of a specialised sublimation process, the dye and textile of this filter are fused on a molecular level, meaning that when washed, the dye won’t fade.  

Three Ply-Micro Particulate Layer

The Three Ply-Micro Particulate Layer serves as the masks second line of defence and blocks particulates such as PM2.5 – emissions typically emitted from the combustion of wood, gasoline, diesel, and oil. This layer also filters 99.7% of particles as small as PM0.3, because the high surface area captures a greater percentage of particles as they pass through the filter.

Military Grade Carbon Filter

Our PRO Mask is our most sought-after product. Unlike the BASIC Mask, it has an inner filter which is made from 100% pure activated carbon cloth – a product originally invented by the UK Ministry of Defence and developed for use in chemical, biological and nuclear warfare protection. We hold exclusive global rights to use of this material in a consumer mask, which makes our PRO Mask truly unique. 

The Cambridge Mask PRO’s military-grade activated carbon cloth also contains silver thread in the filament surface. Together with the anti-bacterial silver, the carbon cloth first traps any bacteria and then draws out the gel-like cytoplasm inside - killing it and preventing infection.  


“My daughter and I have asthma. Often it's triggered by fragrances worn by other people. These masks have been a literal lifesaver for us. They fit well and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and filter scents and smoke out of the air extremely well. ”
- Dacia
“Only have good things to say about Cambridge masks. You don't have to think about changing a filter, have adjustable straps, behind the head optional strap. Reassuring lab test statistics.”
- Susan
“I love these masks. They fit well, seal well around my face, and are adjustable. They filter so well, I can breathe easily even on nasty, smoggy days. I trust them the filter technology to keep me safe from bacteria and viruses as well. I have recommended them to family and friends!”
- Gabrielle




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