Asthma Patients during the Pandemic: Wear a Breathable Mask

Defending ourselves against the threats posed by COVID-19 has become significantly easier over time. As we have become more used to implementing precautionary measures, we’ve found that we forget our masks and hand sanitiser far less often than we did at the start of lockdown.

Nowadays, face masks and physical distancing come as second nature to us. The vast majority of people have been able to dramatically cut down the risks that they incur when performing essential daily tasks, simply by being careful and mindful. We now know how the virus is spread and apply caution accordingly.

Sourcing reliable protection against COVID-19 has been complex for asthma patients. Wearing masks can be restrictive, problematic, and sometimes hazardous for an individual with breathing difficulties. As a result, many patients with asthma have had to effectively balance the possibility of catching coronavirus against the health risks associated with further restricting their breathing.

Different face masks affect the wearer’s ability to breathe in a variety of ways – depending on the fabric and construction of the mask, some masks make it more difficult to breathe than others. That is why it is essential that any patients with asthma or another form of breathing issue choose a specialized mask that is capable of keeping them safe and comfortable, while still providing them with full protection against COVID-19.

In this blog post, we will be providing readers with some essential advice to help individuals with difficulty breathing. Our goal is to ensure that mask-wearing is as comfortable and safe for you as possible.

What do asthma sufferers need to bear in mind when mask-wearing?

Mask wearing is a fantastic, highly effective method of protection against COVID-19, other viruses, and pollutants in the air.

In the UK, it is a legal requirement that members of the public wear a face mask when they are performing essential daily tasks, such as shopping, going into the office, or entering any public indoor place. This should be practised alongside thorough hand washing and social distancing.

These steps will help to not only protect you from catching the virus but will also help to protect the people around you from catching the virus if you have COVID-19 but you are asymptomatic.

COVID-19 spreads between people through moisture droplets. Wearing a face mask significantly reduces the likelihood that the virus would spread between two individuals. As a result, the World Health Organization recommends that individuals suffering from asthma or other breathing conditions do wear a face mask.

Different types of face mask fit and types of fabric should be tested by the individual, to find the mask which is best suited to them personally.

Tips for wearing a mask without affecting your asthma


To ensure that face mask-wearing is as comfortable and non-restrictive as possible, we would recommend that you consider the following:

  • Before you have to go out, first adjust to your face mask by wearing it around your home for around half an hour. This will help you to get used to the feeling of wearing a face mask.
  • Choose the right mask for you – see what fabric or fit is most comfortable for you.
  • When you do go out, ensure that the trip is planned efficiently. Try to complete your task quickly so that you are limiting the amount of time that you have to wear the mask.
  • Time your trip so that you are leaving the house when it is cooler outside.
  • Be sure to take extra caution in avoiding the factors that trigger your asthma.
  • If required, take controller medication.
  • Once the task is completed, carefully take off your mask, wash your mask, and then wash your hands afterward.

If you are aiming to mitigate the impact that mask-wearing has on your asthma, you must choose the right mask for you. It is certainly worth investing in a comfortable, breathable mask that will not only keep you safe but limit the amount of discomfort that you experience as much as possible.

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