Is It Safe to Wear A Mask for 12 Hours?

Throughout 2020, there have been countless articles talking about whether it is safe to wear a mask for a prolonged period. Many people have expressed concerns about the implications of wearing a mask for several hours; it is true to say that CO2 may build up inside your mask if you wear it for a long period of time without taking it off but the build-up of CO2 is minimum and tolerable.

There are several reasons why people have been avoiding wearing masks, such as skin irritation, heat, and humidity. Nonetheless, these pale into significance when we consider the dangers of not wearing one. Rumours that daily elongated mask-wearing could trigger conditions like hypercapnia (carbon dioxide poisoning) have been quashed by many leading medical experts. This is because carbon dioxide particles are so small they simply travel through the mask. The fact that surgeons wear surgical masks for several hours a day has helped defeat this myth. Daily mask use can’t reduce our oxygen intake to dangerously low levels.

There are no serious implications in terms of your health if you need or decide to wear your mask for up to 12 hours other than maybe slight discomfort. We here at Cambridge Mask continue to express the importance of finding the right mask to keep discomfort to a minimum, accessibility to fresh air to a maximum, and your overall protection as our upmost priority.

Why masks have become obligatory

Masks are now part of the “new normal”, and it seems we will be wearing them day in and day out, for the foreseeable future. As the world continues to await a COVID-19 vaccine that will bring the pandemic to a close, health, and safety regulations promote the use of masks in order to further prevent the spread of the virus. Some scientific studies prove that masks reduce if not eliminate the spread of potentially infected particles in the air and as a result, they’ve become a highly recommended source of protection.

Finding the right mask

When you are scouring the market for a suitable mask, it’s incredibly important to prioritise both comfort and efficiency. If we become too uncomfortable whilst wearing a mask to stay safe, we can find it hard to focus on duties such as work, caring for others, and even leisure activities.

When a mask leaves you feeling uncomfortable, you may start taking risks and removing it for lengthy periods, making yourself and others around you more vulnerable. By choosing a mask that allows you to go about your daily basis efficiently, you can stay safe and get all the comfort that you require.

Comfort is key

Some manufacturers are currently selling one-size-fits-all masks. However, if you don’t purchase a mask that fits your face perfectly, filtration quality may be compromised, which can leave you more exposed. What’s comfortable for one person may prove irritating for someone else but Cambridge Mask strives to ensure a friendly fit for a variety of customer types including children.

Cambridge-Mask- Safe-to-Wear-A-Mask-Donning-Doffing

Donning and Doffing your mask

The process for putting your mask on and taking it off safely is called Donning and Doffing. Firstly, before you are putting your mask on, what you need to do is to wash or sanitise your hands. Secure the ear loops over your ears, one at a time. You can achieve a better fit by adjusting the nose piece over the bridge of your nose and the toggles on your chin. To Dof your Cambridge Mask, handle it by the ear loops only. Pull it forward when removing it from your face then fold the outside corners together. You can then place your mask in a clean pouch or hand wash it. As soon as you have removed your mask, it’s important to wash your hands.

Whether you are going to wear your mask for an extended period of time or wear it for a short while, it is important to wash it correctly. Washing soda and water will suffice when cleaning your Cambridge Mask. Please don’t machine wash your Cambridge Mask as this could damage it and leave it ineffective.

Cambridge-Mask- Safe-to-Wear-A-Mask-storage-mask

Why choose Cambridge Mask Co.

Cambridge Mask Co. is a pioneering mask manufacturer that was first established in 2015. Our masks are designed to deliver optimal safety and comfort and are available in various sizes to suit varying needs. Our eco-friendly packaging is designed for safe and convenient storage of your Cambridge Mask. A whole convenient package to make you feel safe to wear a mask for a long time.