The Debate: The Safety of Wearing Mask During Workout

Along with lockdown restrictions being lifted in many countries, and facilities such as gyms and sports centres now being reopened, individuals seeking to use these facilities may be considering using a mask during workout yet questioning the performance restrictions they might cause. As we encounter the global pandemic, it is interesting to see that the growth of both interest and commitment to workout has increased considerably during the global pandemic. Many people took up exercise during lockdown to escape the confines of their four walls and turn their free time into something active and something positive. The circumstances of lockdown meant outdoor workouts became particularly appealing to people across the world; an escape, fresh air, space. Whilst lockdown encouraged many people to exercise when they normally wouldn’t, it also helped athletic individuals to get even more active.

Here are 3 main findings regarding exercise vs masks:

  • Wearing a mask DOES impair high-intensity exercise performance.
  • The higher the filtration ability of the mask (i.e the more protection it affords the wearer), the more it impairs exercise performance.
  • The higher the intensity of the exercise undertaken, the greater the negative impact of the mask.

Mask during workout

Some people claim that they will have more lung capacity if they wear a mask whilst they are running. This is because masks can restrict the flow of air into the lungs, so lungs need to work harder to source sufficient amounts of air. There are ongoing debates about whether running with a mask could make the lungs stronger. Running with a mask can keep you and others safe as it reduces the exchange of harmful droplets from the nose and mouth that can be transmitted whilst ‘on the run’.

Equip yourself for the “New Normal”

Masks have become part of our day-to-day lives as part of the ‘new normal’. This means we are now wearing masks during a whole host of ordinary daily activities. Although wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time may cause irritation, it is not likely to cause any health complaints unless you feel the mask is stopping you from breathing effectively. If you are looking for a safe way to wear a mask during workout and other sports activities, it’s important to purchase one that won’t cause discomfort, irritation or make breathing more difficult.

Buy a mask that fits properly

In order to find a comfortable way to wear a mask during workout, the masks must fit perfectly on your face, so it’s a good idea to look at the manufacturer’s sizing guide before you go ahead and make a purchase. Cambridge Masks are designed to keep irritation to a minimum, and we have produced a convenient sizing guide that will help you identify the right product for your specific needs.

Cleaning your mask

Once you have purchased a mask that meets your needs, you do need to keep it clean. Chances are you will be using the mask on a daily basis, and it could attract a great deal of dirt, germs, and bacteria. If you don’t want to wash your mask every single day, you could invest in multiple masks. You should hand wash your Cambridge Mask with washing soda and water rather than placing it in your washing machine. Machine washing can compromise the efficiency of your mask and damage it.

Longer-lasting masks

One great reason for investing in a Cambridge Mask rather than a simple face covering is that it can last up to 340 hours before it needs to be replaced. Whilst our PRO mask can be used for 340 hours, you can still derive 90 hours of use from our BASIC mask. The actual length of time you can use one of our masks will depend on factors like how polluted the wider environment is. Once you have reached the 340 or 90-minute limit, you should replace the mask to ensure you’re getting the quality filtration you need.

Who uses Cambridge Masks?

Our masks are suitable for most people, but they are particularly ideal for those based in urban environments with substantial air pollution levels. If you plan to wear your mask whilst exercising in and around big towns or cities, we can provide a safe solution you need. Our masks are also suitable for people in respiratory disease risk groups including children, elderly people, pregnant women, and individuals who have already been diagnosed with respiratory conditions. Asthmatic, allergy sufferers, hobbyists, and tourists are also found within our customer network. However, this is not an exhaustive list - our customer base is incredibly diverse.

Find out more about the Cambridge Mask today

Talk to us today to find out more about our pioneering face masks. If you have been wondering “can you exercise with a mask on”, “does a training mask filter air” or “are training masks dangerous”, we can provide you with a solution that’s safe for exercise, protects you from virus, and gives you all the comfort that you need whilst you’re keeping yourself fit.