What is the Best Protection Against COVID-19?

In order to have the best protection against COVID-19, one must know the importance of choosing the right mask. The rising of this pandemic has ensued an increase in the variety of mask types available. From face coverings, face shields to PPE, all of them have one thing in common; covering your face to ‘protect’ against the spread of the virus from person to person, place to place. Decisions, decisions, decisions. From filters to valves, to the type of chosen mask material, the list seems to be never-ending and further confusing. There have also been several brands that promote their ‘anti-bacterial mask’. However, we have to remind ourselves that COVID-19 is not a bacteria-based contagion and we need more than just an anti-bacterial filter to protect us from this virus.

Do Antibacterial Mask Protect Against COVID-19?

To be named as an antibacterial product, the product needs to prevent transmission of disease-causing microorganisms to non-infected persons. 'Antibacterial masks' are designed to cover half of your face and protect you from bacteria. As we are entering a world where COVID-19 is still hanging around and it is becoming the ‘new normal’, these statements can cause people to actually choose the wrong mask to give protection against COVID-19. Why? Because coronavirus cannot be overcome with just simple anti-bacterial products.

COVID-19 is not a bacteria

Although many people think that the term “coronavirus” specifically refers to COVID-19, there are actually many different types of coronavirus. The name of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is SARS-Cov 2; a group of viruses known as Coronaviridae. The World Health Organisation has expressed concerns that people have been using unsuitable products to defeat or avoid contracting COVID-19 - antibiotics and antibacterial products are NOT designed to attack or defend against viruses. Part of the confusion may stem from the way that some people with COVID-19 have developed bacterial infections as complications linked to the disease but these are not symptoms of the virus at all. At the time of writing, no licensed medication to cure people of COVID-19 exists.

How can the Cambridge Mask help me stay safe?

Our Cambridge Mask is a high-quality product made from robust materials that can be worn repeatedly. It features pioneering filter technology to protect you from air pollution, viruses, and bacteria. Unlike many of the products you’ll see on the market, the Cambridge Mask filters air via three different layers. The Primary Filter Layer blocks out larger particles including PM10 and dust. The mask’s second layer blocks particulates like PM2.5. It is also able to filter out 99.79%+ of particles as small as PM0.3.


Ministry of Defence-approved materials

Our PRO Mask features an inner filter manufactured from 100% pure activated carbon cloth originally created by the UK’s Ministry of Defence. All of the activated carbons in this layer will then attract the virus and bacteria. Together with the antibacterial silver added to the filament surface, the activated carbon cloth traps the bacteria and draws out the gel-like cytoplasm inside – killing it and preventing infection.

More about the mask

As each activated carbon filament is several times smaller than the grain size of most carbon materials, the rate of absorption of pollutant gas is much swifter and more efficient. Thanks to the extra surface, bacteria and viruses are drawn to the filament surface at exceptional speeds. Breathing through the mask is a breeze despite the high number of filaments. With numbers of protection on each layer, this makes Cambridge Mask not only an antibacterial mask but also antiviral, which will then able to be the best protection against COVID-19.

The growth of Cambridge Mask Co

Cambridge Mask Co was first founded by company CEO Christopher J. Dobbing. The company was formed after Christopher spent time working in China, seeing many young children become sick from the effects of air pollution. Many of these children had grown up regarding all-day coughing was part of everyday life. His experiences caused him to develop masks to protect children and adults around the world from the effects of air pollution. The masks are as stylish as they are efficient, ensuring wearers don’t need to worry about the way they look whilst keeping themselves safe.

Quality and safety

Various academic studies and publications outlined the air pollution problems linked to cities and countries around the world. Air pollution claims millions of lives every year. Quality and safety remain top priorities when masks are designed and manufactured by Cambridge Mask Co.

A passion for innovation

We continue to collaborate with our investors to develop further pioneering solutions to keep people safe. Our Cambridge Mask has now sold in more than 100 countries. With continuous collaboration with various distributors, we strive to keep everyone safe while using our masks.