New Year: New Mask? Time Management

Seasonal styles come and go, and we always find that the start of a New Year brings with it a wave of new trends. Whether it’s unusual fabrics, quirky patterns, or bold new colour combinations, and we look forward to discovering the latest ‘must-haves’ to hit the high street

Buying a mask to fit the new season’s styles

Cambridge Mask Watson PRO - New Year: New Mask? Time Management

As we look towards the New Year, you may well be thinking about buying another mask (or two) to add to your collection, which features the latest popular patterns to rock the style world.

We all enjoy switching up our style, and buying new mask is a great, affordable way to do just that (at least, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a whole new outfit!). However, deciding when to buy a new mask is a decision which requires you to consider a few different factors.

You need to think about choosing a mask that fits with this season’s trends, whilst also selecting a mask that will remain at the optimum level of quality throughout the entire period of time.

No one should be buying a different mask every couple of week as this adds to the huge global pile-up of mask waste. So, you need to find a mask that is suitable, will last longer, while also keeping you dressed stylishly for daily usage.

A mask that could go for daily usage

At Cambridge Mask Co., our masks provide wearers with the best of both worlds. Not only are our pattern prints super stylish, but our state-of-the-art masks are made to last.

Our masks can last for up to 360 hours of daily usage. That represents a far better investment than a single-use disposable mask, and it contributes far less mask-related waste.

Our PRO Cambridge Mask can be worn for up to 340 hours. Our basic mask lasts for up to 90 hours - although it does not last as long as the PRO mask, it still represents a great value for money and safe option.

On average, one of our masks will last from between 3-6 months of daily usage. This figure depends on several factors, including how much pollution your mask is exposed to on a daily basis.

Cambridge Mask performed better than other masks

If you’d like to learn a bit more about different types of masks, and what each option provides you with, have a look at this mask performance comparison guide. As shown on the table, you can see the efficiency of our mask performance compared to another mask such as disposable mask and a surgical mask.

From fashion-friendly design to overall safety effectiveness that provides the best protection for oneself. Most importantly, the life of our mask is way higher than the rest, meaning that you can get the best, long-lasting protection and spend your money efficiently for an essential item such as this.

For example, if you are wearing your face mask for several hours a day - this could be a requirement at your workplace, or you may live in a city and wish to wear your mask when you are walking for an extra layer of safety - then one of our PRO masks would be the best option for you. Whereas, if you are currently working remotely from home, and are only wearing a mask for an hour or two a day, then you might want to opt for the BASIC. If you are wearing a mask less frequent, then our basic mask will certainly last you for the entire season.

At Cambridge Mask Co., we are always influenced by the latest trends. The styles of fabrics that we use in our masks are designed to be chic, stylish and suit everyone. They provide a snug and comfortable fit and use sophisticated, modern patterns that suit wearers of any age and complexion while providing a great accompaniment to your trendy outfit.

If you’d like to learn more about our range of masks, or if you have any questions about their performance, we’re on hand to help. You could either consult the Cambridge Mask Co. website or get in touch with a member of our team at - we’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions.