How to Keep the GB Basketball Team Safe: Our Way

It has been our immense pleasure to work with some fantastic organisations and international bodies over the years. At Cambridge Mask Co., we’ve worked with all manner of small and large-scale clients to provide bespoke masks to keep their employees and customers safe and healthy.

We are an official partner of the GB Basketball team

Cambridge Mask Co. is now an official partner of the GB Basketball team, and we will soon be unveiling our brand new collaboratively designed mask in the New Year.

Our customers include everything from air travel providers to take away delivery services - just about every business that you can imagine. And now, in our latest collaboration project, we are delighted to announce that we have been working with the Great British Basketball team to provide them with their own custom made, state of the art Cambridge face masks.

The British basketball squad (both the men’s and women’s teams alike) will be receiving bespoke masks that feature the iconic branding that represents British basketball. This will be in advance of the upcoming international window, which is due to begin in February 2021. Each player and the team’s staff will receive two of our PRO masks to ensure maximum safety during travel and training throughout this period of time.

Keeping the squad safe during their international games

GB Basketball Team wearing Cambridge Mask Admiral PRO

For the GB basketball team, they were looking for a unique face mask that would keep their players safe from the COVID-19 virus during their participation in international games. They wanted a mask that would be tailored to provide the team with the maximum possible level of safety, while also creating a stylish, bespoke mask that features the GB Basketball branding.

As the GB Basketball team start their next season of international games, the top priority is keeping the players safe, and minimising the risks that COVID-19 poses.

Why the team opted for valve deactivators in their masks

GB Basketball Team wearing Cambridge Mask Admiral PRO

In order to ensure that this objective was met, the British basketball team also opted for the addition of valve deactivators with their custom-made masks. The valves are a key contributor to the high level of safety that our masks provide wearers. They work by preventing the buildup of carbon dioxide or humidity. In an unventilated mask, a high level of humidity could create a condition which promotes the growth of viruses and bacteria inside the mask. Firstly, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends wearers should opt for masks without valve, in order to limit the potential risk of droplet exposure, particularly concerning COVID-19. As a result we provided the valve deactivatior which meant that they could still use the valve and get maximum protection and be able to wear their masks when they fly.

However, the recent study from CDC on December 2020 has shown that valve masks “can reduce particle emissions to levels similar to or better than those provided by surgical masks, procedure masks, or cloth face coverings” as well as providing “respiratory protection to the wearer“. You can find out more about our mask’s valve deactivators and how they operate here.

“As a British business, we are proud to be supporting GB Basketball’s athletes”

In a statement, the COVID Compliance Officer for the GB Men’s Basketball squad, Kevin Campbell-Karn, stated his pleasure at the partnership and the support that Cambridge Mask Co would be providing to the GB travelling party:

“For our trip, I was keen to ensure the players and staff were well protected from COVID-19 in all situations, whilst also being mindful of the environmental impact of using multiple masks. The new partnership with Cambridge Mask Co is a great fit for us, providing a high level of protection through masks that are both comfortable and reusable.”

The founder of Cambridge Mask Co., Christopher Dobbing, corroborated this anticipation, and expressed his pride at the support that his company was able to provide to the team:

“As a British business, we are proud to be supporting GB Basketball’s athletes to get the mask protection they need to train, play and win.”

At Cambridge Mask Co., creating customised masks with businesses, corporate clients and global companies is a big part of what we do. It has been our pleasure to get the opportunity to work alongside these companies to create a highly bespoke face mask that artfully represents their unique branding.

We have worked with a number of fellow British businesses and organisations, including household names such as British Airways and Aviva. We are immensely proud to be the official partners of these leading, ethically focused organisations.

If you would like to find out more about the process behind our customisation services and how we make our bespoke company masks, have a read of our customised masks blog post. Or, if you would like to learn about how we can provide your organisation with your own unique, branded mask, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.