Cambridge Mask PRO and BASIC: Know the Difference

At Cambridge Mask Co., we pride ourselves on ensuring that our masks go above and beyond.

That is why we offer our customers a range of masks. Every single one of the high-quality masks that we produce are designed to provide wearers with the maximum possible protection against microparticulate matter, viruses, bacterial and other harmful emissions. Each model features our state of the art safety and breathability features - including our exclusive military-grade filtration technology, and three layers of fabric to filter 99% of the air that you breathe.

Since we first opened our doors back in 2015, Cambridge Mask Co. has been supplying the globe with thousands of face masks. Our products have kept people safe and healthy for years, not only in their industrial work and through forest fires but also during a global pandemic too!

Over the years, we have developed our product range, in order to provide customers with different options that best fulfil their specific user requirements.

In this blog, we’ll be showing you how to differentiate between our two range of the mask - the PRO and the BASIC mask. Each of our high-quality mask types, the PRO and the BASIC, are available in five different sizes, to provide a snug and secure fit for both adults and children. We’ll be taking you through what each mask has to offer so that you can make an informed decision about which mask is the best option for you.

What features does the Cambridge Mask BASIC model offer?

The BASIC model represents a more affordable option, which we have created in order to provide more of our customers with their own high-quality mask. You can find a summary of the key details about our Cambridge Mask BASIC here:

  • It filters over 90% of pollution, gases, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19
  • Each mask can be worn for up to 90 hours of total usage
  • It provides protection against all harmful particulate matter (including PM2.5 and PM0.3)
  • It protects wearers against harmful smoke
  • It is the world’s most trusted anti-pollution mask
  • It comes with its own ziplock bag
  • It is available in a variety of fashionable designs

What features does the Cambridge Mask PRO model offer?

The more advanced mask model that we also offer is the PRO mask. While both PRO and BASIC mask are safe, state of the art and dependable face masks, the PRO provides numerous additional benefits, which makes it certainly worth considering the investment for this maximum protection model.

The main extra features that the Cambridge Mask PRO offers wearers are:

  • It filters 99.6% of viruses
  • It filters 99.77% of bacteria
  • It protects wearers against gas-based pollution, including harmful gases like benzene and petrol or gasoline exhaust
  • It filters the air you breathe through three different layers - the primary filter layer, the three-ply micro particulate layer, and the inner filter
  • The inner filter is made from a 100% pure activated carbon cloth. The filter material that we use consists of a series of activated carbon filaments. This absorbs any harmful material from the air that you breathe, without inhibiting your ability to breathe easily
  • Silver has also been added to the carbon cloth. This provides the mask with additional anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
  • The filters in this mask use unique, lab-tested, British Military-grade filtration technology
  • It features adjustable straps
  • It comes with its own slimline tin to help you store this mask in a safe way

Which mask is right for me?

All we can say is... both types will keep you safe and healthy. The main differences between our PRO and BASIC masks are the lifetime and the treatment that each mask has.

Our Cambridge Mask PRO includes advanced filtration capabilities, which makes this a great option for any individuals who are being exposed to high levels of pollution or are at significant risk from viruses and bacteria, and who wish to invest in the best possible precautionary measure. Our PRO masks are made by combining 3 unique layers; the outer printed layer, the three-ply particulate filter, and an activated carbon cloth which is tested British Military Filtration Technology and filters almost 100% of pollution, gases, 99.6% of viruses and 99.7% of bacteria and last for up to 340 hours. The PRO mask is also treated with silver to specifically protect the wearer against bacteria and viruses.

Our BASIC mask is a mask that we manufactured to complement our powerful PRO masks and to allow even more people to gain access to clean air, with an affordable price. Our BASIC mask still offers a fantastic level of filtration, which is perfect for the daily usage of individuals who are looking to protect themselves from any harmful matter in the air that they breathe. Our BASIC mask lasts for up to 90 hours of active use.

Whichever mask you go for, we can guarantee you that you will receive a high-quality mask to ensure your safety and health. If you would like to purchase our mask, kindly go to either our UK & Worldwide store or USA store.

If you have any further questions about our range of masks, you can either consult our FAQ page, or you can get in touch with a member of our team by sending us an email to We are more than happy to assist you through.

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