Washable Masks: The How To

During the pandemic, having washable masks has become the forefront concern and focus throughout the world with cleanliness and germs having never been so trendy. If there is just one positive outcome from this horrendous pandemic is that it has made people more aware of the importance of sterilization and that is definitely no bad thing. Cue, our Cambridge Mask; is washable and durable, you can wear it countless times and still get all the protection that you need and keep your chances of contracting coronavirus to a minimum.

There are many different types of mask on the market, and some are undoubtedly more efficient than others. One problem many consumers are facing is that many mask manufacturers are making false or exaggerated claims about the efficiency of their products, consequently meaning they may not be as effective as they make out to be. When you are scouring the market for suitable masks, you may be faced with a wide range of disposable and non-disposable products and we here at Cambridge Masks Co. firmly believe that non-disposable, washable masks are the safest option. Not only are our Cambridge masks a long-lasting, eco-friendly option, they are also a great investment.

Be more protected with a Cambridge Mask

The Cambridge Mask has become one of the most popular products within the market over recent years. Our mask comes complete with eco-friendly packaging, has stronger durability than many of the other products on the market and is easy to clean and maintain. Your Cambridge mask is designed to give you a higher level of protection from COVID-19 as well as a number of other infections. To get the best out of your mask and ensure it continues to serve you well, it is important to clean it effectively and thoroughly.

How do you clean a Cambridge Mask?

Keeping your face mask clean is important and washing your mask is one way to do so. We advise you to wash your Cambridge Mask by hand. If you machine wash your mask, its condition may be affected and it may become less efficient. Use warm water and washing soda to keep your mask in good condition.

It is important to avoid machine drying as well as machine washing as both can damage the filters and prevent the mask from working properly.

Gently massage the Cambridge Mask with washing soda and warm water then rinse it thoroughly. Once you have washed your Cambridge Mask, you can hang dry it. By washing your mask you are ensuring the removal of excess dirt, dust and makeup from your mask – all the nitty gritty elements we DON’T want!

Please avoid washing your mask in boiling water or place it in a microwave as this can be incredibly dangerous due the small metal component included within the mask.

Can mask filters be washed?

The filter itself cannot be cleaned as it is sewn into the mask itself, but hand-washing will remove any excess dirt or build up of residue such as make up or sweat.

Stay safe

Your Cambridge Mask can dramatically reduce your chances of contracting a respiratory infection and is ideal for use in public. To protect yourself even further, you should also wash your hands regularly, maintain social distancing where possible. By maintaining a distance of 2m or above from others, you can greatly reduce the chances of the transmitting or contracting coronavirus.

Talk to us today to find out more about our washable face masks. We can provide the efficiency youre looking for if you require a washable mask with filter, reusable mask or UK face mask.