Planning Ahead for a Safe Christmas Day

After all the madness of 2020, we don’t think we’ve ever been quite so excited for the Christmas holidays.

The Christmas countdown is well underway, and we’re all looking to get started with our planning for the big day. Usually, this involves present shopping, ordering the turkey and putting up the decorations. This year, while we still get to enjoy organising all of these fun festive bits and bobs, there’s an extra factor that we need to include on our Christmas planning to-do list: safety.

By investing a little bit of extra time in planning to accommodate the recommended COVID-19 safety measures now, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you and your loved ones will be happy, healthy and stress-free throughout the festive period.

So, in order to help with the planning of your safe Christmas, we’ve provided you with a summary of the key things to consider below. This list includes our top tips and the latest government advice so that, this way, you can enjoy the day without putting anyone’s safety at risk.

1. Be organised with your Christmas shopping

You might not be able to get to the shops in person this year or you may just to avoid any potential Christmas shopping crowds. We always try to avoid the last-minute rush for presents, but this year it’s especially important that we try our best to stay away from busy crowds.

Shopping from home has never been so easy and we recommend that you try to buy as many of your presents online as possible. You can get almost anything delivered right to your door these days and although the enjoyment of wrestling through shops with bags in hand might be something of the past ( for now) - it doesn’t mean you can’t have a house full of presents.

2. Spend some extra time decorating the outside of your house


It’s highly likely that this year, we’ll be spending a lot more of the festive period celebrating outside.

Adorn your house with light-up decorations, twinkling lights, or wreaths, festive plants and outdoor baubles. You could even pop a little pine tree outside, too. That way, if you are having an outdoor socially-distanced meet up with your loved ones or simply hosting some Christmas carols, these festive additions will help get to you all in the Christmas spirit and no doubt keep your neighbours smiling. Please remember to keep warm and wear a mask!

3. If you can’t meet in person, opt for video calls

In true 2020 fashion, if one of your loved ones can’t be there on the day, you can still involve them in the celebrations. We’ve all got to grips with Zoom by now, so you can easily schedule in a chat with your family members on a safe Christmas Day.

4. Keep your favourite family traditions in mind, and reinvent them

It could be an evening game session, which you can swap into an online version via Discord. Or, it could be your festive treats, which you serve to your loved ones outside. All these things that make you happy on Christmas Day can still be done, you’ve just got to think outside the box in order to continue the traditions going in a safer more ‘2020’ manner.

It might be difficult at moments to keep positive, but just remember all of the unexpected ways that this year has been extra special. Make your very own game up in the reflection of 2020 and add some highlights to end this year with some affirmative memories.

5. Why not treat your loved ones with a thoughtful gift too?

If you want to give your loved ones a wonderful gift that will also help to keep them safe during the Christmas period, a mask makes a brilliant present idea.

At Cambridge Mask Co., our masks tick all of the boxes - they are beautifully designed and super stylish, while also providing wearers with the ultimate level of protection. The filtration technology is state of the art, blocking more than 99% of anything you breathe, and we put the comfort of our mask wearers as a top priority. As a result, these masks make a wonderful gift for your loved ones this year. Great news, we have also CHRISTMAS GIFT BUNDLING for you to celebrate this season of gifting. We have two different types of gift bundles, £99.99/$125 for 5 PRO masks (available in all stores, UK & Worldwide store and USA store) and $59.99 for 5 BASIC masks (available only in USA store). Plus FREE SHIPPING!

We, at Cambridge Mask Co, want to ensure that, even despite everything that is going on in the world right now, we can all enjoy Christmas this year as much as possible.

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