Cambridge: Global, Domestic, Intimate

Since its inception back in 2015, Cambridge Mask Co has been making incredible inroads with regards to its global reach, its environmental footprint, and its affiliations with business big and small. Whenever the company established a new relationship, it was first and foremost based on a synergy of values. It’s done this with companies like British Airways, Wiggle, Haskins and Home Depot to name but a few, in the process assisting each company to extend its brand recognition while reducing its environmental impact. The Cambridge Mask is much more than just a device geared towards fending off a virus like Covid-19. The product was born out of a need to provide people with fast and effective protection from airborne viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, and air pollution, which can take the form of smog or wildfire smoke. In fact, the protection from wildfire smoke is part of what lead to the company’s official distribution partnership with Cooper Medical Supplies, a family-owned Canadian-based supplier of medical equipment.  Both parties couldn’t be more pleased with this ongoing agreement, as noted below.  

Carol Meise, Owner and Operations Manager at Cooper Medical Supplies had the following to say… 

“Since 2019, Cooper Medical Supplies has been an official Canadian distributor of Cambridge Masks. The masks were originally used to deal with wildfire smoke and summer allergens…and then Covid happened. Cambridge masks are reusable and we were more than happy not to be putting unnecessary waste into the landfill. We are pleased to have just received our latest shipment of Cambridge Masks which will add a new exclusive custom mask to our selection aptly named the “Canadian”. Developed and designed together with the Cambridge Mask Company design team the Canadian is a striking black design with the red maple leaf on the left side of the mask. As travel opens again, you can be confident knowing your Cambridge Mask Non-Valve is giving you military-grade protection with more than 99% filtration of viruses, bacteria, and pollution. Travel safely with The Canadian.” 

 customised mask cooper medical


Equal praise came from Christopher Dobbing, CEO & Founder Cambridge Mask Co… 

“We have worked closely with Cooper Medical since 2019 as our valuable partner in Canada. Over the last few years Cooper have worked tirelessly to protect vulnerable Canadians from COVID19 and other harmful particles. We're delighted to be producing Cooper's exclusive design for resale, The Canadian, which will further strengthen the partnership between Cambridge Mask Co, Cooper Medical and their fantastic customers. Cooper Medical have also produced their own logo branded masks for staff use, which is proving very popular for our partners all over the world.” 

Become a distributor and do your part

Electing to partner up with Cambridge Mask Co completes the perfect business trifecta: you help others, you help the environment, and you help yourself.  You’ll be creating awareness around a product that can serve practically anyone thanks to multiple uses. Due to its robust and reusable nature, the product can last for up to 6 months, thus dramatically reducing waste that typically ends up in a landfill or worse yet, in the sea. This means that as a business, not only will you sell a product that helps people to breathe cleaner air, you’ll also be providing a service that positively lends itself to environmental preservation, thus fulfilling your corporate social responsibility, which itself carries a slew of benefits. In addition, because Cambridge Mask Co is associated with One Tree Planted, a global reforestation project, each time you sell a mask, you plant a tree.  To become a distributor of Cambridge Mask PPE equipment, simply contact the sales team via email at: Alternatively, go to the distributors page and get the ball rolling on what can become a long-lasting and mutually symbiotic friendship.  

Branding and customisation

The Cambridge Mask design team handles branding and customisation services, and this entails repurposing the look and colour scheme of their various PPE equipment to promote your business. Ideal for showing your staff that you care while also creating an extra marketing avenue to explore, branding and customisation can be done in bulk orders within the span of two weeks. In addition to companies like British Airways, Home Depot, Ferrari and Deliveroo, that have all benefited from such services, so has the GB (Great British) Basketball Team, once again showcasing Cambridge Mask’s penchant for a diversity of clients.