Case Study: Haskins Saves 2.5 Tonnes of Plastic Waste Switching To Cambridge Mask

2.5 tonnes of plastic waste and £30,000 saved by Garden Centre chain Haskins by switching from single-use disposables to Cambridge Mask reusables. 

In a positive move for the environment, businesses across the UK have been adapting their safety policies to include sustainability goals. Scientists estimate globally a staggering 3 million masks a minute are being thrown into landfill and oceans. One chain of garden centres has taken a step towards sustainability by switching from single use to reusable masks.  

Haskins is a premium Garden Centre group, with 5 Garden Centres featuring large restaurants and retail stores across the south of England, as well as Birdworld animal park in Farnham. Haskins Assistant General Manager, Marc Etheridge said; “The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted us to ensure all our sites are Covid Secure and that all our team members and visitors are as safe as possible. We have adapted many areas using screens and barriers to safeguard our customers, however, there was definitely a feeling that inconsistent face coverings left team members at risk when working in close proximity of each other.” 

haskins wear reusable cambridge mask

He added “As a personal user of Cambridge Masks as a cyclist, I was aware of the massive benefits of a great secure fit and the filtration properties for pollutants they offer. The certifications and testing results of the Cambridge Pro mask set them way ahead of the face coverings we were currently using. In addition, the design, fit and colours allowed us to see the masks as an item of uniform.” 

Cambridge Mask Co Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Dobbing, said “We have now provided Cambridge Masks PRO to the whole Haskins team at all sites. By switching to a more sustainable option, we have saved the client over £30,000 and reduced our plastic waste by 2.51 tonnes over a six month period. This shows that good business and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.”