Getting Your Employees Back To Work Safely

We’ve all desperately missed the fun of heading out and experiencing normal, day-to-day life. It’s the little things like these that we’re most looking forward to getting involved with again when the coronavirus restrictions lift.

We never thought we’d say it, but one such thing that is at the top of our list is actually heading back to the office. It’s those little daily interactions - like discussing our projects over a cup of coffee, or celebrating an employee’s birthday, or even just chatting about what we’ve got planned for the evening - that we are looking forward to having back in our working lives. There’s some things that video calls can’t quite replicate.

Recently, the New Scientist conducted a poll that shows face masks will be needed until 2022. “Although remote working is the norm now for those who can, 32 of the respondents expect to return to a shared office this year.” – New Scientist.


What this will mean for employers

But, if you are an employer, this return to the office will also come with a lot of anxiety, too. Undoubtedly one of your top priorities (and concerns) will be the question of how this can be done safely.

Bringing back your employees into the office is bound to be a cause of worry, as you want to protect both your staff and your business from the risk that COVID-19 poses.

As we all begin to look towards a hopeful future, employers need to consider how they can adhere to government COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations within their specific working environment. This will necessitate a consideration of, for example, how you can locate desks so that they are two metres apart, where you can install hand sanitizing stations, and whether or not protective screens need to be installed.

It is essential that you are well-prepared for this development, so that your office is fully equipped to welcome everyone back to work when it is permitted. That way, you can ensure that your staff feel comfortable, safe, happy and so are able to work productively in the office.


Our top tips for employers:

In order to help make this transition as safe and stress-free as possible, below, we’ve outlined our top tips and pieces of advice for employers to prepare for a return to work.

  • Under law, employers are required to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to their employees where needed. This may include protective gloves, aprons, or face masks.
  • Install hand sanitizing stations across your workplace. Carefully consider where may be the best points at which to position these stations. For example, a good place to start would be having hand sanitizer available for use by the entrance and exit of the building, and within any commonly used meeting rooms.
  • Decide whether or not you need to install protective screens. These could be added between desks, or to any areas where your staff will need to speak to customers (such as a till).
  • Think about what tasks need to be completed in-person, and what could be done at home. Do your entire workforce need to come back straight away, or could you have a staggered return to the office? Or could you organise it so that half of the week you are working from home, and during the other half you are working in the office?
  • Ensure that your team wears their face masks at work. You may even wish to supply your team with high quality face masks that they can wear in the office. We would suggest replacing your employee’s own non-certified face coverings with respirators that have proven efficacy and proper certification. Our Cambridge Masks are just the thing to help you with this point.

The benefits of supplying your team with a Cambridge Mask

Our Cambridge Masks boast the following features:

  • They filter 99.6% of viruses
  • They filter 99.7% of bacteria
  • They filter PM10 and PM2.5
  • They are environmentally friendly, as they can be worn for up to 6 months
  • They are easily washable

cambridge mask feature

These fantastic features make the Cambridge Mask the perfect option for employers looking to protect their staff when they return to the office.  

But, the benefits of this state of the art face mask don’t stop there. Since our masks are fully adjustable, your team will be comfortable wearing them throughout the day. They are also super breathable, so are perfect for any of your employees who may have difficulty breathing.  

What’s more, we can even offer businesses the opportunity to work with us to create your own bespoke mask, which is customised with your company’s logo. At Cambridge Mask Co., our customisation services provide businesses with the ability to install confidence in their employees and customers alike. High quality and fully protective face masks are a great way to ensure that everyone involved with your company feels safe, and recognises that you are doing the utmost to protect them from COVID-19.

Our customisation services bring the added benefit of allowing you to create a mask can be branded according to your existing company branding. In addition to viruses including COVID-19, our range of masks can also filter pollution and bacteria. This makes them a great way to keep employees safe, both during the day and throughout their commute to work, too.

An on-brand mask is a great gift to give to your employees, and even your clients, too. 

So, in readiness for the nation’s return to the office, get in touch with us at  

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