Travel Destinations in 2021 with Cambridge Mask

Never have we heard more this past year than the words; social  distancing, travel corridors, delayed, cancelled and lockdown.

However, 2021 is well underway and many of us are itching to travel. But the question on everyone’s tongue is; where can I travel to? With a destination bucket list getting longer and longer, Cambridge Mask is here to bring you our take on travel during COVID-19. It’s without a doubt that COVID has in fact changed the way in which we travel and will travel, from hand sanitiser every few meters, to glamorous cabin crew in masks and gloves all the way to tests on entry and departure. Travel restrictions have become the new normal, whilst we scoot around how to get from one place to the next without forking out for quarantine hotels or getting stuck in a random country. Now, although these sound-like negatives, you also have to think of the positives. With restrictions in place globally, you’re also expecting to see quieter cities, less pollution in our skies and UNESCO World Heritage Sites less busy! And the one thing this has definitely taught us is that travelling is a privilege, for all of us. So, without further ado, here are Cambridge Mask fave travel destinations for 2021. (get adding to those destination bucket lists)


Destination 1: Europe


    Forget the Euro Train & jumping onto Planes, we’re coming in HOT with some seriously cool socially distanced planning. Van Life.  
    Now before you scarper for the hills, hear us out. Travelling by campervan, VW van or if you really want – by car – saw a huge boom in 2020, but it doesn’t need to stop there. It’s time to plan a summer Euro trip like no other, cruising the coastlines sipping wine in France, eating Pizza in Italy & tucking into steins in Germany. Whether it’s you and your best pal, the family or on your own, Van Life is on the rise & is the best way to keep you busy, exploring, and socially distanced! 
    Our top tip with what to take other than a Cambridge Mask? 
    • Wifi Dongle; work from anywhere, settle in to a night of Netflix & keep in touch with loved ones from the road.
    • Fairy Lights; Well…they’re Instagram worthy & make the perfect reading light! 


    Destination 2: Indonesia  

    If you want to avoid the bustling cities and skylines of Jakarta, it’s time to jump on a fast boat or a connecting flight and hit the islands of Indonesia. From the Island of The Gods [Bali] to surfers’ paradise in Lombok, we truly believe this has to be added to every traveller’s bucket list.  
    And it doesn’t stop there, rent a boat with friends or family and travel around the likes of Nusa Tenggara with Le Pirate. From pink beaches to swimming with stingrays, you can create the memories you have always dreamed of.  
    Travel requirements change regularly, however, we are aware that as of the current state; negative COVID tests must be presented, along with a 5-day quarantine in Jakarta. Worth it? We think so.  
    Our top tip with what to take other than a Cambridge Mask? 
    • Sunscreen; don’t let the cooler Indonesian summers fool you, slather on that factor 50 like it’s your best friend.  
    • Micellar Water; with all that sunscreen & travel, you want to ensure you keep Maskne at bay and your pores clean!  


    Destination 3: Houseboat  

    Okay, okay – we know it’s not a destination as such, however, you can pick the country of choice and jump on into a houseboat for your summer vaycay! Hear us out here.  
    Whether looking for some solitary time in Amsterdam in a modern 2 bedroom houseboat or from a London stay either in a Floating Home near Hampton Court or an inner-city getaway onboard Boathouse London, houseboat life has never been the same. 
    Forget dingy and think modern, airy, outdoors, freedom. All the words one would want to describe a getaway from their lockdown homes.  
    Our top tip with what to take other than a Cambridge Mask? 
    • Cosy knit; just because the sun will be shining, we want to keep you cosy when the evenings cool, so you can sip your bevvies out in the cool summer air! 
    • Your pet; yep, you read that right! If you’re an avid animal lover, the majority of these beautiful getaways allow you to take your fluffy other-half with you!  

    Destination 4: UNESCO Heritage Site  

    As of November 2020, there are over 1000 UNESCO Heritage Sites – this doesn’t mean you’re going to be hitting them all (unless you want to, that is), but it does mean your options are wide and varied.  
    With restrictions in place globally, the one thing we can guarantee is that the number of people per place will be in fact a lot lower than normal, providing you with more space to roam, and a deeper connection to the site.  
    Our number one on the list is Cappadocia. A semi-arid region in central Turkey, known for its fairy tale scenes, outstanding rock formations, cave dwellings and not to mention their stunning sunrise hot air balloons. A picturesque, bucket list must and instagrammable friendly – #CambridgeMaskTravels is the only way forward! 
    Whether up in their air, down on the ground and taking in the magic, Cappadocia is a go-to place for 2021.  
    Our top tip with what to take other than a Cambridge Mask? 
    • A camera; whether a nifty iPhone 12 Max or a state-of-the-art camera, you are going to want to capture every moment here.  
    • Walking boots; if you are going for more than the insta moments, which we recommend, some sturdy walking shoes are a must to really get adventuring!  


    To Summarise 

    Cambridge Mask wants to get travel back up and running as much as you do, it’s why we do what we do; provide sustainable, reusable, military-grade masks. We not only want to keep you safe but those around you when you are on the move. So make sure to always have one, or two, handy when you’re plane hopping in the future.  
    All our travel recommendations are to be taken as bucket list suggestions, and all travel pre-research must take place to keep an eye on changing restrictions and quarantines.  
    Let’s get travel back up and running and keep ourselves and others safe.  
    Have fun, explore & don’t forget to tag us in all your photos!