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In 2016 we agreed an exclusive multi-year distribution arrangement with our partner Atlanta Healthcare, based in New Delhi. All distribution and order enquiries for India should be directed to them

Contact Person: Vibhor Jain

Address: Atlanta Healthcare,
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Next to Sinkanderpur Metro Station,
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The whole mask is the filter, the valve is there to reduce humidity. 

If you wear glasses, live in warmer climates or cycle to work wearing the mask, we recommend you get the mask with the valve!

For order quantities as little as 200 we can add your logo, pattern or design to the outer layer of our masks. You get the same excellent filtration performance as well as a tailored product that can meet your needs.

  • Marketing: Your logo or pattern displayed prominently as people walk around on the street or cycle around
  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP) enhancement: a great way to show staff you value their long-term health.

The timeframe from order to delivery is approximately 6 weeks depending on the design. If you have a design ready, the set-up process can be quicker, but this won’t affect cost. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our team through


As Cambridge Mask’s™ pollution masks are a hygiene product, they are sterile and sealed to offer maximum protection once worn. Because of this, we are not able to offer returns for opened masks. If you would like to return an unopened mask, we will provide a full refund up to 30 days after you made the purchase.


For unopened masks, we can exchange the mask for a different size or pattern, provided that the customer is willing to send the original mask(s) back to our Cambridge warehouse at his/her own expense and pay the additional shipping charges.

We have found that the best way to choose the mask is by weight. Our Cambridge Mask smurfs have agreed to showcast it:



150x207mm, 90+kg



141x196mm, 65 – 89kg



127x187mm, 33 – 64kg



118x164mm, 11 – 32kg



98x132mm, 6-10kg

Ah, our favourite question! Where do we start?

Firstly, Cambridge Mask is the only pollution mask that has a triple filtration system with a military component. N99 rated, it filters nearly 100% of pollution particles as small as PM2.5 and PM0.3. Please have a look here for official testing results. Importantly, most other masks’ filters consist of granulated carbon, which is very thin and thus much less effective. Cambridge Mask™ uses activated carbon that is spun into a yarn and woven into cloth. The filter consists of a series of such activated filaments, with pores 25 times smaller than in other filter materials. 

Secondly, Cambridge Mask™ filters have been treated with silver, giving it anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, killing and blocking 99.77% of all bacteria and 99.6% of all viruses! The military grade cloth furthermore removes gases, vapours and any vaporous off-gassed from trapped liquid particles. Other masks would trap these, but not absorb them. Therefore, on top of filtering out pollution particles, Cambridge Masks furthermore protect you and your loved ones from bacteria, viruses and gases found in air pollution.

Thirdly, what do you mean similar looking masks? Please have a look at our range of the most fashionable pollution masks on the market!

Yes, nearly 100% of it! Not only that, Cambridge Mask™ filters particles as little as PM0.3. If that isn’t enough, it also kills 99.77% of all bacteria and 99.6% of viruses! Please read more here.

Cambridge Masks™ are non-disposable, meaning that you can use them for potentially hundreds of hours. The length of time they are suitable for depends on how polluted the environment is when you use it. A table is provided below, but a “rule of thumb” (a guideline) is that you can use the masks on a regular basis for 3-6 months before it needs replacing. Note that the masks are washable, but cleaning them only removes dirt not pollution trapped inside the filter. So the mask needs to be replaced after extended use to ensure proper filtration.

Pollution Level Air Quality Conditions  (AQI) Description Replace After
Good Below 50 Clear visibility to horizon Mask Not needed
Moderate/Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups 51-150 Cannot see pollution with the naked eye, slight haze on horizon 340 hours
Unhealthy/Very Unhealthy 151-300 Haze at 2-3 km visibility 220 hours
Hazardous 301-500 Clouds of pollution, visibility around 1km. 180 hours
Beyond Index Over 500 Visibility below 600 meters. Fog-like clouds of pollution clearly visible even in bright sunlight. 90 hours

Great question! The whole mask is the filter, this is why it lasts much longer than other pollution masks. 

The valve is not the filter, it is there to reduce humidity for increased comfort in all weathers! In fact, it helps many people cycle to work in busy city centres around the world!

Yes, you can hand wash it with some soap.

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The minimum order quantity is 200. For wholesale pricing information, please contact us here. – click it, go on, do it!

Direct your owls and mail to our Cambridge Office:

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