The Complete Guide To Reusable Face Masks: What To Look For According To Experts

When you’re faced with frequently changing travel rules and restrictions as well as new viral variants, having a high-quality and effective face mask will be your best friend. However, choosing the right one can feel challenging with the myriad of options available on the market. What kind of mask is best for your health? What material is most efficient in protecting yourself? Should I buy reusable masks or one-time use masks?

In a matter of days, face masks went from possibly harmful and unnecessary for our health to mandatory in most places you visit and on most methods of transportation! While vaccines can help boost your immunity and ability to fight viruses, using a face mask and best practices to keep yourself and the general public safe are the best ways to go.

This blog post will inform you what the experts think about face masks, including what to look for when shopping for a face mask, and how ensure you’re staying healthy no matter where you need to go!

When You Should Wear A Mask

Recent studies show that face masks can prevent the spread of viruses in up to 67% of situations, if not more! However, the guidelines and best practices for where and when you should wear a face mask, such as when it comes to global travel, local travel, or even simple trips to the grocery store are constantly changing and evolving based on what the experts are discovering. 

when you should wear a mask

On top of constantly washing your hands and socially distancing when possible, face masks can be your best bet for keeping yourself, your family, and your friends safe and healthy. Unless you are under the age of 2 or have a medical condition that exempts or makes it difficult for you to wear one, you should wear a mask anytime you have to take a trip out of the house.

The Benefits Of Purchasing A Reusable Face Mask

There are a lot of issues with single-use face masks. One of the most significant issues is that it negatively impacts the environment. Vast piles of single-use face masks are already showing up on shorelines, as well as a large amount of money being spent by people worldwide to keep a well-stocked supply of masks ready anytime they go out! 3 million single-use face masks thrown away every minute, accumulating in over 129 billion thrown away every month worldwide.

3 million single use face mask is thrown every minute

Reusable Masks Are... Reusable

You can use your mask, clean it, and wear it again. When you use a reusable face mask, that means there is not only less plastic waste but also less money wasted on single-use masks because you can keep using the same ones over and over again.

More Effective And Comfortable

Compared to single-use masks, reusable masks can be more effective in blocking out virus particles due to having multiple layers built for protection and comfort. A Cambridge Mask has the world’s best filter technology, uniquely designed by the UK Ministry of Defense with triple layer protection boasting efficacy of 99.6% against viruses and bacteria. Single-use face masks and face coverings are not fitted with a snug fit allowing many particles to be transmitted through the gaps around the edges of the nose and cheek.

Increased Breathability

Many reusable masks have filters in them and use breathable cotton layers to help you protect yourself and keep yourself cool and well-oxygenated! Our PRO range offers a valve for maximum breathability, allowing for increased air flow and reduction of c02 build up.

Environmentally Friendly

Single-use masks are often seen littered on sidewalks, parking lots, and even on our shorelines. Imagine how many more face masks will be found in garbage dumps, landfills, and even our precious water sources. By using a reusable face mask you help contribute to a cleaner world. Our Cambridge Mask ranges come in recycled eco-friendly packaging and with a lifespan of 3-6 months, are much more environmentally friendly than a single use disposable mask.

Save Money 

While single-use face masks are cheaper upfront, after a while, their cost adds up and surpasses the cost of reusable masks because you’ll have to buy and stock them up constantly. As a result, reusable masks are a much better investment for future use.

They Look Better

While this one might be more of a personal choice, your comfort and style are still important. Unfortunately, most single-use masks only come in a single size and have no adjustments. Sadly, for humans, our faces are not all the same size and shape, so having a reusable mask that can be adjusted and fit better with your aesthetic is a huge benefit. A Cambridge Mask is adjustable through the use of the toggles on the chin, allowing for optimized fit for every face shape out there.

fashionable reusable face mask

What To Search For In Reusable Face Masks

There are many options when it comes to purchasing a reusable face mask. However, by taking the time to choose the best face mask, you’ll save yourself hassle in the future. There are a few standard important considerations you need to make, such as if it’s a breathable face mask, the material behind the mask, and the overall style. Before making a purchase here are the four most important things to look for when looking for your new reusable face mask!

Check The Size

Next, you’ll need to ensure that the mask is adjustable and has dimensions that will fit your face. Many times masks come in sizes such as kids, teens, adults, small, medium or large, so it’s important to check the sizing before purchasing.   Face masks most effective when they are worn correctly, after all.

Choose High-quality Materials

A mask is only as good as the material it's made of. Reusable face masks should come with multiple layers of fabric, preferably with a non-woven material with a suitable thickness to provide optimal protection.

Consider The Cost

While most of us don't mind paying a little extra for high-quality face masks, making sure that your money is well spent and going towards a company that cares about its products is your best bet.

The Cambridge Difference

While there are a lot of trustworthy and dependable brands out there making reusable face masks, Cambridge Mask Co. sells certified face masks that filter more than 99% of what you breathe. In addition, they are washable and reusable for up to 340 hours of use.

With all the guidelines we laid out to better help you choose your face mask, Cambridge Masks meet these requirements and even surpass them. Cambridge masks are designed to fit all and any face shapes and sizes. In addition, they come with nose clips that assist you with adjusting it to fit your nose, as well as adjustable toggles that help seal under your chin.

Ensuring that your mask fits snugly and adequately is the key to keeping your health up. Cambridge understands this and made the ear loops adjustable to fasten or loosen based on what you might need. There is also nose foam in the mask to ensure that it's snug against your face and keep you and others safe.

Cambridge masks are also built with a three-layer filtration system, but keep fashion in mind as well. The first layer of Cambridge Masks filters out larger particles such as dust and PM10, the second layer blocks up to 99.79% of particles such as PM2.5 and PM0.3. It is also designed with a larger surface area to capture more particles as they go through.

cambridge mask filter technology

Lastly, the final filter is created with 100% pure activated carbon cloth, designed to kill viruses and bacteria. In fact, it was originally invented by the UK Ministry of Defense. This material was used for use in chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare protection and is in use by armed forces worldwide. Cambridge Masks holds the exclusive global rights for this material in consumer pollution masks, meaning that  you will not find these anywhere outside of the military.

Best Upkeep Practices For Your Reusable Mask

While it may be common sense to some, keeping your reusable face mask clean and ready for use at any time is vital to your health. But, unfortunately, a shocking news report finds that 1 in 10 questioned do not actually wash their reusable masks, and even fewer aren't correctly washed.!

You don't need any fancy ingredients or machines to keep your mask clean. Instead, most experts recommend a simple bleach blend using household bleach and room temperature water. You can create this solution by using five tablespoons of bleach per gallon of tap water.

Another option, if you don't enjoy using bleach, is warm soapy water. Bleach is excellent for sanitizing surfaces and materials, but bleach is a common respiratory irritant. A mixture of your favorite and trusted soap brand with a bit of water will do the trick.!

You can also use your washing machine. This may be your preferred method - simply wash your masks with your clothes or towel loads. Make sure to use a detergent that can break down sweat, grime, and oils that may be on your mask, and make sure to use a dryer on hot settings afterward to ensure its cleanliness!


It’s clear that there is a lot of information you need to know when it comes to finding and using reusable face masks. However, when it comes to your safety, comfort, Cambridge Masks exceed all expectations/ Our masks focus on your ability to breathe without restriction, keeping your health fashionable and safe for you and everyone you will be around. Cambridge masks even keep their shape without damage after being washed - which most other reusable face masks do not.

Visit our website today to get even more information on why Cambridge Masks will be your best friend through these tough times and how our reusable face masks are superior to all other competitors.

Disclaimer: Cambridge Mask is not a medical website. For any medical questions or advice, please consult a doctor or professional medical advisor.