Non-Covid Reasons to Wear Face Masks

In the past two years, we have seen many people with masks on, it has become the norm and the needed. The end of Covid will not be the end of mask wearing, especially as the West have now become more educated on the importance on protecting one’s respiratory health in the long term. There are many non-Covid reasons to wear face masks; varying communities and people in need have been adorning face masks long before the pandemic and will continue long after. For instance, prevention from seasonal allergies, hay fever, nasty smells, dust and air pollution are some of the reasons that prove the necessity of wearing a face mask. 

On top of it, face masks are crucial for your privacy and others' safety. Moreover, they offer a handy way to tackle the situation of contagious flu and sneezing. Likewise, a face mask protects the healthy person from the influenza virus (that causes flu), which can be transmitted through the air from the infected individual. 

With this in mind, we have listed some non-Covid reasons to wear face masks.  

Protects Against Allergies

face mask for allergies and hay fever

Many seasonal allergies are due to inhaling air pollutants that react with your respiratory system. As a result, it activates your immune system. At the end, you start coughing and sneezing.

Additionally, pollens are larger in size than Covid particles, so they are not easy to expel out of your body compared to smaller particles.

That is why wearing a mask for allergies, such as a pollen allergy mask, will reduce the chances of pollen inhalation.

More often than not, these particles enter your bloodstream and reach other body tissues. As a result, it affects your overall physical health, and you become bedridden.

That said, wear a face mask with a multi-layered filtration system that filters 99% of the total pollen count.

Reduces Hay Fever

Also known as allergic rhinitis, hay fever symptoms are a runny nose, continuous coughing, and sneezing.

The cause of hay fever is usually an allergen that triggers your immune system to expel it out of your body. More often than not, the winter season is when the pollen count in the air is high.

For this reason, you should opt for a face mask that is specifically designed to protect you against hay fever.

For instance, Cambridge masks are family-friendly and human-friendly. They protect you and your loved ones from getting sick or catching a cold/flu.

Prevents Nasty Smell during Commute

mask for commuting

If you commute to work daily, a reusable face mask can work wonders in protecting you against the nasty smell you experience on the way.

On the flip side, a mask prevents your kid from the nasty smell when going to school in the early hours of the morning. Usually, the pollen count in the morning is higher than at any other time in the day. Moreover, there's excessive humidity in the air, which causes the environment to produce a smell.

To counteract it, wearing a fitted face mask with a valve can help. Not to mention, Cambridge's pollution mask does not leave any gap to let those nasty smell-producing particles enter your nose.

Helps With Post Heart Transplant Operations 

Another reason to wear a mask is to protect your new heart. Your incision needs one to two months after a heart transplant to heal completely. During this time, you may get an infection due to allergens. These allergic particles first enter your respiratory system, then, they become part of your blood reaching your heart.  

On top of it, there are increased chances of rejection if your body does not accept the heart transplant. More often than not, our immune system auto-activates when a foreign particle enters our body. During this process, it also attacks new cells of the heart and destroys them.  

In such circumstances, wearing a face mask will do the trick and prevents post-heart transplant infections. 

Offers a Handy Way to Keep Your Face Warm 

mask for winter preventing flu

During the winter season or when seasonal changes occur, humidity in the air also goes at its peak. Additionally, blood flow to your nose and cheeks decreases to conserve body heat. As a result, your face becomes cold.  

study on 20 people revealed an increase in heat protection under the mask.  It means face masks can keep your nose and cheeks warm even in cold temperatures. 

With this in mind, we designed ergonomic, well-fitting, and warmth-providing face masks for seasonal variations and common allergic conditions. 

Maintains Your Privacy 

Your privacy matters the most. So if you are in a public place or a crowded environment, wear a face mask for personal protection. 

During COVID-19, the masks did double duty.  For example, they protected both you and the other person from getting infected and maintained their privacy. The same is the case with non-Covid masks. They prevent the chance of infection from you to the other person and the other way around.  

In addition, these air pollution masks also help keep your identity anonymous in crowded areas.  

Avoids Air pollution 

pollution mask

Air contains dust particles that cause allergic reactions in your body. Made from high-quality, reusable, and eco-friendly fabric, face masks protect your mouth and nose from air pollution. 

When talking about air pollution, it does not only mean the pollutants factories release, for example, the waste of factories that enter our atmosphere in the form of smoke. Instead, many people living in residential areas where no factory or plant is located are also at risk of getting nasal infections. 

That is why a quality face mask with tight seals helps prevent air pollution. 

Helps Protect You from Wildfire Smoke 

Wildfire is best known for its notorious smoke that causes blurry vision and upsets your respiratory system. In addition, smoke contains carbon monoxide and particulate matter, such as PM 2.5, the smallest of all particles. With a diameter of 2.5 micrometres or less, PM 2.5 penetrates deep inside your lungs and affects its lining.  

However, we have a better solution: a face mask to create a barrier between your respiratory system and wildfire smoke.  

Allows Oxygen In and Carbon Dioxide Out 

mask for workout with vents

During breathing, we inhale oxygen, and our lungs expel out carbon dioxide. Unlike usual face covers that do not let carbon dioxide out, face masks expel the gas out and prevent your lungs from weakening. 

Cambridge Mask: Your Go-to Choice for Non-Covid Face Masks 

With a reliable and military-grade filtration technology, Cambridge Masks are reusable and eco-friendly that can last as long as up to 6 months, depending on how often you use them. 

With all that said, here's a list of benefits of wearing a Cambridge Mask. 

Reliable and Protective Filtration System 

These masks have a protective three-layer filtration system that does not let any dust particle or allergen enters your lungs, which, ultimately, end up in your circulatory system.  

Moreover, Cambridge Mask does not allow volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde to enter your respiratory system. 

A face mask is personal protective equipment (PPE) that can save you a lot of trouble when viruses, bacteria and allergens' levels are high in the air.  

The air we breathe must be free from pollen and dust. However, we cannot eliminate the chances of air pollution and make this level fall down with the increasing demand for industries.  

That said, these masks filter 99% of the air coming to your nose and entering your lungs.  

In addition, we have installed carbon filters that trap hazardous chemicals and make the air bacteria-free. 

So if you get to work early in the morning or your kids are getting through foggy days, wearing a mask with protective technology can work wonders for your respiratory system.  

An Ultimate Pollution Solution 

mask filters PM2.5

Planting a tree is a great way to protect ourselves and our environment. However, there are still chances you get a respiratory infection when seasonal changes happen, including increased pollen count.  

For this reason, Cambridge Mask provides an ultimate pollution solution that does the final air filtration right before the air reaches your nose.  

On the flip side, there may be particulate matter, such as PM 2.5, PM 10, and PM 0.3, which penetrate your lungs if you don't use one.  

Accessories to Pack Your Mask In 

In addition to the valve and non-valve masks, you can get a variety of accessories to keep your face mask safe when not wearing it.  

For instance, these include: 

  • Travel pouch 
  • Valve deactivators 
  • Nose Foam 


On top of it, our PRO range is compliant with European Respiratory Standard. It means when you buy one for yourself, you can put your mind at ease because these masks are capable enough to filter dust, chemicals, and nuclear material of every kind. 

Not to mention, you can find reusable face masks in many patterns and sizes to fit your needs and taste. 

All in all, various reasons prove that face masks are not only the necessity of Covid but also during seasonal changes to protect you from environmental chemicals and nuclear waste.  

That said, find out some of the mask products tailored to your needs and wants to stay safe. 

Disclaimer: Cambridge Mask is not a medical website. For any medical questions or advice, please consult a doctor or professional medical advisor.