Pokémon Go on the iWatch and Other Wearable Technology

Pokémon Go on the iWatch and Other Wearable Technology

Whether you're seven or knocking on seventy, you'd have to live under a rock not to have heard about the latest fad taking the App world by storm; Pokémon GO has people habitually glued to the screens of their smartphones, and for once the press is praising and not purging this latest trend: with some of Tech Wizards claiming that it is soon set to surpass Twitter in the number of users the app boasts.

Much like the original adventures of Ash, Brock and Misty, Pokémon GO has seen a world of drama that not even Team Rocket could have stirred! This has ranged from the discovery of a dead body, a few cases of armed robbery and not to mention the mounting cases of hospital visits for a bust nose - caused by walking into a signpost. Despite these unfortunate mishaps the game has an arsenal of positive attributes varying from both physical to mental, here a few of them:

1. Tons of exercise!

My father is a real stickler for me being 'constantly glued to my phone', but he has had to somewhat eat his words over the last few weeks as Pokémon GO has for all sakes and purposes got me exploring the great outdoors! Unless you have followed the advice of some people on the Internet, and this advice is to place your phone in a microwave to clock up some mileage - advice I strongly urge you to resist, then you will have no doubt have to have been moving about an awful lot to catch your Pokémon. It is no great mystery that moving about is good for you - in fact very good for you! What is more, game motivates its players to not only go out and catch Pokémon but to also hatch out eggs - the rarer the Pokémon inside the egg the further you have to walk. Simply simple!

2. Top up on a tan and grab some fresh air whilst you're at it!

Studies have shown that getting amongst the great outdoors and breathing in some outside air does marvels for your health and mood, provided the air isn't polluted - and as you know this is where our experts weigh in. According to a study conducted at Yale, those who spent thirty minutes outdoors before a test achieved higher scores compared with those who were cooped up inside. If you are in China or suffer from allergies, asthma or anything else that may prevent you from going outside, do we have a solution for you!


3. It is believed to reduce depression.

It is strongly contended by Dr Hoffman that the App promotes a sense of community and actively encourages two positive factors of a healthy mind: social interaction and exercise. Despite people initially being sceptical about the game, a multitude of experts have credited the game's promotion of exercise and social interaction as a key factor in reducing social anxieties. It is proven the more exercise that is conducted by an individual, the slimmer the chances of depression come, and what's more, you get to catch little animated blighters whilst you're at it!

4. Provides proactive mental breaks.

I'm a massive advocate of taking breaks through out the day, and not solely because I suffer from ADHD DVD VHS Blu Ray attention disorder. But it is not headlining news that taking small breaks throughout the working day is beneficial. Breaks improve your cognitive thinking, ability to concentrate, increase the productivity of whatever you're doing PLUS prevent boredom. Thumbing through Facebook or having a quick stalk on Instagram may seem like a break, but you're still staying slumped at your desk, whereas Pokémon GO makes you get up, move about and promotes circulation of the blood, all whilst you chase after the same critter your colleague is after!

It’s a no brainer! Get some useful tips, download the App and go out there and catch some Pokemon. And remember, for the first 5 people to catch either a Koffing or a Weezing and screenshots themselves with it, gets a free mask of their choice! Simply email karina@cambridgemask.com with the photos!

Happy hunting!