Fashion and Function Face Mask

Fashion and Pollution Masks

For a widespread of cities around the world facing the growing epidemic of pollution, checking the daily AQI forecast has become synonymous with checking the daily weather forecast.

We all love that bright sunny day spotted with white billowy clouds and a fresh breeze – perfect conditions to inspire outdoor activity as much as possible. But these days are few and far in between, especially during colder months when coal burning is at its height, and episodes of nauseating smog may last for several days at a time.

Sporting white disposable surgical masks has become an increasing trend over the past few years to counter this growing pollution pain, in addition to protection against dust and bacteria. But in reality, these masks are designed to protect against airborne infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and anthrax and do very little to prevent exposure from minuscule health-harming particles such as PM2.5, microscopic particles measuring thirty times smaller than that of a human hair. And besides, they’re not all that flattering!

Function & fashion

Proper protective masks with filtration efficiency against pollutants and smaller particles from entering your system are made with layers of special filtering fabrics. These fabrics act as a magnet by drawing in pollution particles and bacteria from further away and killing it with a gel-like cytoplasm inside the fabric. An additional carbon fibre filter removes potentially harmful pathogens and valves are placed for easy breathing. They also act as an extra shield of insulation for the face during cold weather.

If you’ll be donning protective masks as readily as a hat or scarf, why not have some fun making a fashion statement while filtering out the pollution? Masks with different prints and logos bring some colour to this grey haze, and Cambridge Mask has you covered from a various selection of styles to fit your changing moods and OOTD’s (Outfit Of The Day - I had to check!).


Let’s take a look at the different style options!

Solid colour masks. Black and neutral navy are great everyday colours to easily match various outfits. Stylish, understated, longstanding, go for The Churchill or The Admiral to easily incorporate into your everyday attire. If you’re looking for a bold splash of vitality, bright colours of the Princess Charlotte and The Full Cambridge are sure to stand out on hazy days.


Muted Prints. The Prince George and The Duke are classy and know what’s up when it comes to dressing with muted style. These two still appeal to the masses by keeping it neutral black but adding pattern for a little flair.


Cute Prints. The Sherlock, The Po, and The Austen add a youthful appeal with their cute and fun prints and vibrant colours that are perfect for kids and the young at heart.


Edgy Prints. Show that you are no joke while combating pollution with The General and The Hamlet.


Bright Patterns. Have some fun and stand out with tasteful prints and colour combinations of The Jack, The Lady Macbeth, The Wedgewood, and The Newton.


Whatever style you’re looking for, you’ll find something fit for everyone. Stay healthy with functional fashion. Buy a mask now!