The Customised Design: How We Do It

Looking for the best way to stand out? Customise.

Customised products certainly aren’t new to the market, but they add an extra perk as more and more companies realise the importance of keeping the consistency of their brand identity prominently afloat, and what better way than pushing your branding out to the public via your very own employees. And in this day in age, the safety of your staff and customers is also undoubtedly paramount. Cue – the customised mask.

Even before the pandemic started, our team here at Cambridge Mask Co have been working with numerous large corporate companies and brands such as British Airways, Deliveroo and Netjets to create customised masks for their staff. We have also worked with other global enterprises such as the Australian Embassy and the Nepal Police Department who have offered their staff a premium, yet personalised mask.

Our incredible in house design team are always inundated with customised design requests, creating innovative mock-up designs before final product development. Our designers work closely with the companies and brands offering unique ideas on how they can brand their very own mask(s).

Why do companies create customised masks?

Companies tend to choose the option of customisation when purchasing our masks for their staff, not only for marketing purposes but also as a means to priorities and ensure the health and safety of their employees.

On-brand masks are a fantastic marketing choice; they represent ethical, health-conscious practices that large companies are becoming more and more aware of. Our masks are premium quality; utilising exclusive military-grade technology that filters more than 99% of harmful particulate matter from the air that you breathe. Our masks are washable and re-usable ensuring lesser environmental waste from disposable masks.

Our collaboration with British Airways


World-famous UK-based air travel company, British Airways, required a mask for distribution to their staff both in the air and on the ground. These customised masks were created with the aim of enhancing customer loyalty and demonstrating the company’s firm commitment to making proactive health and safety decisions. British Airways launched its state-of-the-art aircraft in 2017 so our design team got to work on creating a unique design to showcase this latest addition to the fleet.

Our collaboration with Deliveroo

Cambridge-Mask-Deborah-Lyons-customised-mask-deliveroo Cambridge-Mask-Deborah-Lyons-customised-mask

Another example of one of our highly successful partnerships is our recent collaboration with Deliveroo. This takeaway delivery giant needed a mask that would provide an exceptional level of protection to its delivery riders who spend extended periods of time driving through pollution ridden cities.

Deliveroo employs 25,000 UK riders, who use bicycles to deliver food. Much of this takes place across cities, where the air quality is poor. So, Deliveroo wanted to tackle this potential health and safety concern, by providing their staff with a mask that would filter the air that they breathe. Our creative team created an on-brand mask in 2018, promoting the well-known turquoise colour in a chic and protective design.

Our collaboration with Deborah Lyons

Cambridge-Mask-Deborah-Lyons-customised-mask-flower Our most recent customised collaboration project has been with the London based design guru, Deborah Lyons. The high-end design company kindly reached out to us looking for a reusable, high protective mask that could be customised. Cambridge-Mask-Deborah-Lyons-customised-mask-check

In October 2020, we launched our first collection of customised masks with Deborah Lyons. These beautiful masks come in two unique styles - one featuring a custom DL check print, perfect for that Winter wardrobe outfit and the other with their signature hand-painted wildflower print. A fashion statement and a health-conscious one too.

How does Cambridge Mask Co. create customised masks?

So, if you are interested in partnering with our team to create your very own company mask, below you’ll find the main steps that we go through to create a custom order for a client.

  • The customer will send an enquiry. Then, if they are satisfied, they will provide us with the company logo or design idea that they have in mind, through this link.
  • We will create a mock-up design, which includes a few options for the client to choose from.
  • The client will choose their preferred design.
  • A product sample will be sent to production, then to the client for review (if needed).
  • An order will be placed, with a breakdown on the available sizing options. The order will then be submitted to production. Finally, the order will be ready to be dispatched and sent to the client. It’s as simple as that.

Our terms and conditions

Before you get contacting us, there are a few final bits to consider. Our Cambridge Mask Co. terms and conditions are as follows:

  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for our PRO mask is 512 and for the BASIC mask is 2010 per design for customisation masks.
  • We do not provide a complete personalisation as in we do not change components. The Cambridge Mask tag will remain on the product too.
  • We charge a set-up fee of $350.
  • Payment is normally 50% upon order and another 50% before shipment.

We can’t wait to hear from you and support you in creating custom-designed masks tailored to fit your branding needs. If you need further assistance regarding customisation, kindly contact us here.

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