Half of all deliveroo's 25,000 UK self-employed riders use bicycles to make deliveries and the company is determined to play its part in tackling the challenges of pollution and poor air quality in areas where they operate. Deliveroo’s eponymous logo looks fantastic on our masks, and will help their riders tackle air pollution.

Director of Policy for Deliveroo

Emma Simmonds:

“We are delighted to be supporting another exciting British start-up. Cambridge Mask Company have come up with an innovative solution to tackling this problem and we think everyone, especially our riders, should be able try out these masks. Deliveroo is determined to support efforts that make our cities cleaner and safer to ride in.”

Deliveroo Press Release

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“Research by Imperial University shows that air pollution will be costing the UK up to £5.3bn by 2035, so Deliveroo helping to protect people from pollution is great to see. Hopefully other companies will follow suit.”

Christopher Dobbing, Founder and CEO of Cambridge Mask Co

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