Is it harder to breathe when wearing a mask?

Cambridge Mask Co. was founded to help everyone everywhere get outside and enjoy life, without having to worry about what they breathe or the way they look. We believe everyone can get outside.

Cambridge Mask has a valve that plays a vital role to prevent the buildup of carbon dioxide which can help you to breathe easily. In addition, the valve will help reduce the moisture, which will prevent the buildup and growth of viruses and bacteria.

You can read more about the filtration technology used in all of our masks here.

Our masks are designed perfectly to fit your face, they will cover the nose down to the chin. No need to worry as you will still be able to breathe normally. You may visit our blog about how to wear our mask on this link.  

If you have further questions, please contact us by email at or Chat button on our sites to connect with our Customer Service Team.