Valve Deactivator


What's Inside the Pack?

The product consists of two adhesive stickers: one large, orange Valve Deactivator, and one small informational label.

How do I attach my Valve Deactivator?

First turn the mask fully inside out. Then peel the large, orange Valve Deactivator off the wax paper and stick over the valve on the inside of your mask. Apply gentle pressure to ensure it has adhered correctly to the valve, but take care not to tear it or break your valve.

Position the informational “valve deactivated” sticker on the outside of the valve where it is visible to others and stick it down securely.


Is it a necessary item?

Although little evidence currently suggests that masks with valves pose greater risks of spreading viruses such as Covid-19 (see updates from the WHO), we are acutely aware of how this unprecedented situation is sparking concern amongst some authorities in our communities. Therefore, we have taken the following proactive steps to ensure our customers can access first-class protection whilst aligning with the regulations of their respective locations.

The mask will still offer the same level of filtration for the user. However, by sealing the valve mechanism, our customers can continue using their Cambridge Mask in areas where local policies regulate the use of face masks with valves. A Cambridge Mask, even with the valve deactivated, provides greater protection than other alternatives to both the user and the wider community.

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