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There are many certified masks available; however, many do not offer a specific fit for children in the correct size for proper protection. Cambridge Mask offers certified child safe masks that meet the FFP2 standard in a wide range of fun colours and patterns. XS size is perfect for toddlers 2+ and size S for children below 16 years old. Equipped with a nose clip and adjustable toggles, Cambridge Mask can be adjusted for a proper snug fit. Please note that we do not provide masks to fit babies who are under 18 months of age due to health and safety risks. We also suggest that if your child is under 5 years of age, you always supervise them while they are wearing a mask, to check that they are wearing it correctly and safely.


Use a fun, child-friendly approach!
Explain that masks help protect them and others from nasty, dirty germs, and describe the places or situations where it will be important to wear a mask. You can minimise the stress and anxiety that your children may be feeling by simply explaining to them how masks work.

Follow the leader!
Children will follow your lead, model the art and ease of wearing one and they will feel more comfortable at seeing this as the ‘norm’. Lend a mask to their favourite toy or stuffed animal or to help enforce the message that everyone they feel close to is wearing one to stay safe. Finally, pointing out other children wearing masks will help normalise the idea of masking.

The colour choice is theirs!
Giving your child different colour or patterned options helps foster a sense of control. Studies show that this will encourage cooperation & ownership of the idea. Why not get matching masks for the whole family? This will showcase a sense of team & solidarity.


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"Excellent masks for my children. They are comfortable, easy to use and stay in place. The comfort band in addition to the ear loops is fantastic. I appreciate how effective they are. That’s very hard find in a children’s mask."

- Jacquelyn

"Great quality masks for the whole family. I love that its adjustable for a better fit. Everyones anatomy is different and the adjustability helps. Very happy to have found such a great product. My small children even like them."

- Tina

"As a family with a child who has both primary and auto immune deficiencies, we have tried many masks over the years and Cambridge by far has always been our favorite!"

- Lisa Hempfling



Is it safe for my child to wear a mask?

Yes, absolutely.

Find the right size for your child here.

Can wearing a mask make it harder for my child to breathe?

There have been concerns that face masks can reduce oxygen intake, and can lead to low blood oxygen levels, known as hypoxemia. However, our Cambridge Masks are made from breathable materials that will not block the oxygen your child needs. Masks will not affect your child's ability to focus or learn in school. The vast majority of children age 2 or older can safely wear face masks for extended periods of time, such as the school day or at child care. This includes children with many medical conditions.

Can masks interfere with a child's lung development?

No, wearing a face mask will not affect your child's lungs from developing normally. This is because oxygen flows through the mask while blocking the spray of spit and respiratory droplets that may contain the virus. Keeping your child's lungs healthy is important, which includes preventing infections like COVID-19.

Is the Cambridge Mask effective for Covid-19?

While we have not run specific tests regarding COVID19, prior to the pandemic our PRO mask had been tested to filter more than 99% of viruses and bacteria.
The valve on our masks plays a vital role in helping to reduce moisture preventing the buildup and growth of viruses and bacteria, as well as limiting the excess build-up of carbon dioxide. This is why the valve opens when you exhale.

Can the mask be washed?

Yes, Cambridge Masks are reusable and washable by handwash method only. Handwashing the mask will remove dirt, make-up and surface dust. Our PRO mask inner filters are treated with silver which enhances the anti-viral properties of the technology used, so excessively washing the mask is not necessary.
However, the washing process will not extend the life of the filters. Each mask will need to be replaced after extended use to ensure proper filtration, preventing a build of particles within the filter.

How can I wash my mask properly?

Please follow the washing instructions with care:
Gently massage the Cambridge Mask with washing soda and warm water then rinse it thoroughly. Once you have washed your Cambridge Mask, you can hang dry it. By washing your mask you are ensuring the removal of excess dirt, dust and makeup from your mask.
Do not put the mask in the washing machine or dryer as this can damage the filters. Do not submerge the mask when washing.

Does the PRO Mask meets FFP2 standard of protection?

Yes, below explained the Cambridge Mask Filter Material Testing:
Our Masks pass the >99% requirement set for the European classification EN 149/FFP3 and the US classification 42 CFR 84, subpart K/N99, for the solid aerosol tests.
Due to the further prerequisite of EN 149 in regards to liquid aerosol test (not required for N classification), our masks receive a mean of PFE of 97% - this equates to FFP2.
Particle Filtration Efficiency >98%
Breathing resistance <2 mbar
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency >99%
Viral Filtration Efficiency >99%

How long is the shipping estimation?

UK and US : At the moment, there is only a standard shipping service. It takes an estimated 2-5 working days.
For EU : Standard shipping takes approximately 3-7 working days. You have the option to choose ‘next day priority’ delivery when placing your order which takes approximately 2-4 working days.
Other countries: Standard shipping takes an estimated 10-15 working days. You have the option to choose ‘next day priority’ delivery when placing your order which takes approximately 4-7 working days.
Please note that shipping estimations may take longer at present due to the Covid-19 pandemic or customs clearance process in the country destination.