Sydney is known as ‘Emerald City’ for its subtropical beauty,
but now the thick grey and sometimes orange – red smoke blankets the city.
So, what is in this Australian bushfire smoke?

Smoke from bush fires consists of small particles as small as the diameter of human hair, gases, water vapour which are visible to the human eye. The gas that you breathe from bushfire smoke is made of from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

It’s start from you, with you and for you when it concerns about your own safety. If you have been wearing respirator to tackle this. good job you’re in the right track, if you haven’t. We will walk you through this

Don’t wearing cloth or paper masks

Cloth or paper masks are fairly loosely fitting and without a proper seal any mask won’t work, read here to ensure the best fit of your respirator. Medical masks are designed to prevent bacteria and viruses from coming into contact with the respiratory area (nose and mouth).

They are not designed to prevent pollution particles or other small particles from being breathed in, these masks won’t prevent the inhalation of small, airborne contaminants that are dangerous. This is why they are suitable in a medical setting, but not for outside use when combating the harmful effects of bushfire particles.

Australian Bush Fire Fact – Fire danger. Know the signs

If you have keep an eye on NSWRFS, you must have been familiar with the signs that they published frequently of the bushfires progress. The Forest Fire Danger Index is based on these forecast conditions which are temperate, humidity, wind speed and dryness of the landscape. But what does it mean?

Severe – only risk staying if a homeowner is well prepared and they have the capability to defend the house.

Extreme – only risk staying if a home is prepared to the very highest level and is specially built to survive a bush fire

Catastrophic – the highest alert as sign no homes are built to withstand a fire in these conditions and the safest option is for people to leave before any fire has started or affecting.