Corporate Partnerships

Cambridge Mask Co sells in over 70 countries and partners with corporations such as Deliveroo, British Airways and Aviva.

We have also supplied the German, Swedish and Australian foreign services as well as the Nepal Police and the Dutch Army. On the medical side, Cambridge Masks are offered in Mayo Clinic in the USA as well as United Family Hospitals.


Aviva AirRun

Cambridge Mask Co partnered with Aviva to support their 5km AirRun campaign for the fight for clean air in Poland! This was a great initiative that gathered thousands of people in the center of Krakow to increase awareness of air pollution! Click Here to Read More…….


British Airways

BA’s business is all about air, so we were delighted to work with them on custom branded masks showing their new aircraft. These were distributed to their VIP customers in Asia as well as staff – a fantastic way to enhance customer loyalty and demonstrate their commitment to proactive health choices. The BA philosophy of “To Fly. To Serve” was fulfilled beautifully by this project, we are very proud of the awesome mask that came out of it.


Deliveroo mask

Half of all deliveroo’s 25,000 UK self-employed riders use bicycles to make deliveries and the company is determined to play its part in tackling the challenges of pollution and poor air quality in areas where they operate. Deliveroo’s eponymous logo looks fantastic on our masks, and will help their riders tackle air pollution. Click Here to Read More…..


It’s little known that UB has its fair share of pollution, especially in the winter with coal burning for fires and such. In September we got a phone call from the British Embassy of UB requesting us to take part in an awareness campaign they wanted to create. Naturally we were pretty excited about this and within about a week we had worked out the details, which was to be a nationally televised catwalk of mask designs that were to be created by local fashion designers. We had over 100 entries that were whittled down to 15 of the best to put on the catwalk, and luckily MongolTV was going to cover it. Click Here to Read More…..


Nepal Police

Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, has a major air pollution challenge. For traffic police, long shifts standing in smog can be a major issue. After winning a competitive tender, Cambridge Mask Co was selected as the preferred supplier by the Nepalese government. Officers have been really pleased with their masks and were kind enough to allow us to do some photos while they carry out their important work.