What is the best face mask for senior citizens?

Face masks have proven to be incredibly helpful during the trying time that was the pandemic and, in the process, have brought to light a slew of advantages and uses. A lot of us are now aware of the health benefits of masking up; we know that these amazing devices filter out all manner of viruses, bacteria and air pollution, and that masking up can also be a sign of consideration for friends, family and colleagues. However, it's no secret that not all face masks are created equal. Some don’t fit well, thus creating pockets of air through which particulate matter can enter while others might not possess a certain level of filtration deemed acceptable by international standards. Face masks have also presented visual issues, especially for the elderly, and with that in mind we’d like to examine face masks, their relationship with the elderly and in essence, why the Cambridge Mask might just be the ideal face mask for senior citizens. 

A matter of perspective

Wearing a face mask entails more than simply slipping loops around your ears and fabric over your mouth and nose. Unless the face mask you’re wearing has adjustable ear loops, an adjustable nose bridge and doesn’t make your glasses fog, then whatever mask you’re wearing, be it a cloth mask or a disposable mask is unlikely to bring about total satisfactory results. There are some face masks that shrink your field of vision, and if you’re vision is already impaired, as can often be the case if you’re at that age where the years are advancing, then the risk of falling becomes very real. Spectacle users are faced with the added challenge of fogged glasses, which creates an additional obstacle to overcome. Your lower peripheral field of vision is of great importance for the purposes of carefully placing your steps and for spotting and avoiding potential hazards. Face masks in the traditional sense can make it difficult for this information to be gathered by the brain, thus increasing your chances to trip or fall, especially when walking downstairs or working your way around a series of obstacles. The end result is more looking down, which can make it a challenge to plan ahead. Eye tracking research has also revealed that senior citizens are more prone to missteps when looking down as opposed to looking ahead. 

In essence, vision and balance work in symmetry, and when one is made to move one’s head and eyes often while walking, that symmetry is infringed upon. So, the question that then comes to the fore, is how to walk safely while wearing a face mask? And the answer is to wear one that offers a tight fit around the nose and cheeks – like the ones made by Cambridge Mask Co. 

Why our masks are ideal for senior citizens

Why our masks are ideal for senior citizens

Cambridge Mask Co has been in the business of providing superior face mask quality and technology since 2015. These respirator masks when worn properly have been engineered to fit the contours of your face, thus offering a fit that provides for no pockets of air. This also means that if you’re a senior citizen and you’re a glasses wearer, your lenses won’t get fogged up while walking. In addition, because of the mask’s sleek design, you won’t need to constantly look down while you’re walking. Ergonomic, aesthetical, functional, and fashionable, these are some of the key hallmarks of the line of face masks and PPE equipment that Cambridge Mask Co produces. The range includes the PRO, valve or non-valve, and the BASIC, which comes without the carbon filtered UK military-designed filtration netting, but still offers a superior system of netting and filtering that will block harmful matter from entering the lungs 

filter technology

The PRO offers the much-lauded carbon filtration and comes in various patterns and designs, meaning that you can choose a face mask that you feel will suit you and your dress sense. Due to the fact that the filtration system of the mask is segmented into three units, combined into one, the type of air that you’ll inhale will be of a superior quality. As we get older, our respiratory systems weaken, making us more susceptible to the by-products of the ozone, nitrous oxide, typically found in aerosols, and particulate matter. In other words, as we get older, the very air we breathe actually becomes potentially harmful to us. Electing to use a Cambridge Mask means you’re getting a mask that offers a much better field of vision while also providing respiratory protection against the elements of the environment. In addition, you’re buying a mask that’s environmental impact is much better than your typical surgical masks, and this includes the N95 face mask, which can only endure a few days of wearing. The Cambridge Mask is reusable, washable, and can last for up to 6 months! 

The best reusable mask

The best reusable mask

The best reusable mask is truly made by Cambridge Mask Co. Easy to clean, and capable of lasting between 3 to 6 months depending on the amount of usage, this face mask is the perfect answer to any senior citizen looking to add a barrier of protection to their lungs while experiencing little to no impairment to their vision. These face masks also include real nifty extras such as a nose foam for extra comfort if required, and a headstrap for increased snugness. Plus, every time you buy a mask, you’ll plant a tree; it’s part of the company’s affiliation with One Tree Planted, a global and thoughtful tree planting organisation. You’re never too old to make a difference.  

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