Our Guide on How to Wear Your Masks Properly

Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Mask? Check. Our little routine of leaving the house has changed without us even realising it. Masks have quickly transitioned to become a staple item that we take with us everywhere.

But, the issue with these masks is far too many of us just stuff them in our pocket, or throw them onto our face in a last-minute-rush. We need to spend a bit more time considering how we wear masks properly, to ensure that we and the people around us stay safe rather than attempting to hook the elastic around our ears when we’re already halfway out the door.

Why is it so important to wear masks properly?

If you’re not wearing the mask in the way that you’re supposed to, you’re effectively preventing it from doing its job. If key areas such as your nose and mouth are exposed, then that means that the mask can’t block respiratory droplets that escape when you breathe, talk or sneeze in the way that it’s designed to.

It also means that you aren’t being properly protected either - without a mask on, it’s all too easy to absentmindedly touch your mouth or nose when you’re walking around a supermarket before you’ve had a chance to sanitise your hands.

We’ve all seen someone out and about who’s wearing their mask in a bizarre style - around their necks, under their noses, hanging off one ear, or even right on top of their head. It can be incredibly frustrating to see these people wandering around putting both themselves and others at risk, and whether they know it or not, making the current problem even worse.

In order to help our readers ensure that they are not part of this irresponsible number of people, we’ll be outlining how to wear masks properly, including our guide to proper donning and doffing.

Donning and doffing

First up, you’re probably wondering what ‘donning’ and ‘doffing’ means. These terms each reference the act of putting on an item of clothing (donning) and removing an item of clothing (doffing). These terms can also be used to describe the proper process of putting on and taking your mask off in the correct manner.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your mask is offering you and the people around you the best protection from COVID-19. We have also posted this on our Instagram post here.

Cambridge-Mask- Safe-to-Wear-A-Mask-Donning-Doffing

How to properly don a mask:

Here are the steps that you should follow in order to ensure that you are properly donning your mask:

  1. Sanitise your hands - thoroughly clean your hands, using either hand wash or hand sanitiser
  2. Secure the ear loop of your Cambridge Mask over one ear.
  3. Place the other ear loop of your Cambridge Mask on the other ear.
  4. Adjust the nose clip to achieve a better fit over the bridge of your nose.
  5. Adjust the toggles on the chin for a snug fit that’s tailored to your face.

If you wear glasses, have a read of our guide to wearing a mask properly, in a way that helps to prevent your glasses from steaming up.Cambridge-Mask- Safe-to-Wear-A-Mask-storage-mask

How to properly doff a mask:

Next up, these are the steps that you should take when it comes to doffing your Cambridge Mask:

  1. You should only handle your mask by the ear loops when doffing.
  2. To take off your mask, pull your Cambridge Mask forward off the face.
  3. Fold the outside corners together.
  4. Fold the mask into a clean pouch or, if needed, wash your mask by hand.
  5. Wash your hands immediately.

Investing in a high-quality mask

If you’re looking to invest in a mask of the highest quality that will provide a dependable layer of protection from COVID-19, look no further - our masks offer the perfect solution. At Cambridge Mask Co, our masks feature a pioneering filtration system, which is made up of particulate filtration layers, alongside military-grade carbon. This combination means that our masks provide wearers with almost 100% protection from particulate pollution, as well as viruses like COVID-19. We have also accessories that will help to keep your mask fits on your face.

What’s more, with each mask bought from Cambridge Mask Co, you will receive an environmentally-friendly pouch that you can ziplock shut. This environmentally-friendly product provides a nifty way to store your mask after it has been worn and then doffed.