Understanding Our Mask Technology - Our Exclusive Filtration Technology

Without any doubt, the one key element that all of us want from our face mask is safety.

We want to be able to depend on our face masks and know that, wherever we are, whenever we wear it, we are protecting ourselves from health threats in the air that we breathe.

This has never been more paramount than during the current global circumstances. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all strived to do our bit to stop the spread of the virus - thereby protecting not only ourselves, but the people around us, too.

Why are certified face mask filters so important?

 Face masks work by removing harmful substances that we breathe in. This is effectively achieved by trapping the substances within the layers of the fabric. As a result, we do not breathe them in. In a reusable mask with filter, all the wearer needs to do is wash the mask, then it can be re-worn and continue to protect them. 

This is why it is so vital that you invest in a reusable mask with filter capabilities.

What is an activated carbon filter mask?

Why are certified face mask filters so important?

These are face masks which feature an activated carbon cloth. In fact, this invention was actually first devised by the UK Ministry of Defence.

This filtration technology is so highly protective that it is still used as a form of protection in chemical, biological and nuclear warfare.

But how does it work?

An activated carbon filter mask works by utilising the properties of activated carbons (which typically come in the forms of either powders or granules) and the forces within them. These said forces enable activated carbon molecules to adsorb gaseous molecules, including microscopic substances like anions and cations. With an activated carbon filter mask, this unique potential is then isolated and utilised to create a protective mask which boasts these same properties.  

It is only with this sophisticated level of filtration that a face mask can provide wearers with the maximum possible level of protection against particulate matter, harmful pollutants and viruses, including COVID-19. 

Our range of PRO face masks all feature an activated carbon layer. You can find out more about our activated carbon filter mask UK range and how this layer works on our website.

What makes Cambridge Mask Co.’s products the best filter mask available?

At Cambridge Mask Co. we create a premium reusable mask with filter technology range; products which hold the title of the best filter mask products available on the market. This is because of the state of the art filtration technology that we use.

Cambridge Mask has an exceptional standard of the exclusive filter technology that we use.

Our face masks protect wearers through three layers of filters. These are the Primary Filter Layer, the Three-Ply Micro Particulate Filter, and the Military Grade Carbon Filter. Each of these layers has a different job.

Cambridge Mask Filtration Technology

The first layer acts as a physical barrier, removing larger particles from the air (including substances such as PM10 and dust).

The second layer blocks smaller particulate matter, including PM2.5. It also filters over 99.79% of minute particles (including those as small as PM0.3) from the air that the wearer breathes.

The third layer is the military-grade carbon filter, which we detailed in the section above. Cambridge Mask Co. holds the exclusive global rights for this material for use in a consumer pollution mask - this means that you won’t find this layer in any other face mask on the market.

CE certified face mask

In order to classify as certified face mask filters, these filters have to undergo rigorous testing, and be officially approved by the appropriate medical authorities.

Not only do our face masks comply with this CE certified standard, but they are also a more user-friendly option to the standard models on the market. This is because our face masks are fully reusable, including the filters within them. This makes them far easier to use, because you do not have to keep replacing the filter.

So, if you’re looking for a reusable face mask which provides the best possible level of safety for you and your family, be sure to check out the Cambridge Mask Co. online store.