The Future of Sporting Events and Returning to the Stadium Safely

The events industry has been one of the hardest hit by COVID-19. Theatres, stages and stadiums across the country - and indeed, all over the world - have had to close their doors for almost a year now. Sporting events are a spectacle in which the entire nation likes to get involved in. Few things are quite so exciting as watching your favourite team play in person and cheering along with the rest of the crowd. Players and fans alike - we simply cannot wait to get back into the stadium. Sports just isn’t the same on the TV! But, to ensure that you are enjoying these events in a safe way, we’ve dedicated this blog post to our top tips to help fans and athletes stay safe when they can return to the stadium.

What have sporting events in 2020 been like?

As a result of COVID-19, sporting events have been on hold around the world. The Olympics have been postponed to July 2021, and countless stadium events have been delayed until the pandemic eases. After a year where even the Grand National had to go virtual, we don’t think we’ll take the thrill of heading out to watch a big game in the stadium for granted ever again. But, we all know that standing in close proximity to other members of the public increases the likelihood of spreading the virus if it is present. Furthermore, moisture droplets (which is how the virus is transmitted between individuals) are formed when people are shouting and cheering - as we can certainly expect to be the case with fans in stadiums. As sporting events are eventually allowed to return during 2021, our safety is paramount. Luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can enjoy these events in a safe way, which limits the likelihood of you catching or passing on the virus. So, in order to help you stay safe while getting the maximum enjoyment from returning to the stadium, we’ve outlined some important advice for sport-lovers.

Our top tips for fans watching a game are:

  • Ensure that you are well informed - pay attention to the current government COVID-19 regulations that are in place before you head to watch the game.
  • In addition, read up on the safety protocols that the venue has put in place, too.
  • Bring hand sanitiser with you.
  • Be careful to sanitize your hands thoroughly before eating or drinking.
  • Be mindful of the rest of the audience, and be careful to keep your distance from others.
  • Most importantly, wear a face mask throughout the entire duration of the event.

For the athletes themselves, our advice to help protect yourself is:

  • If you are travelling for an away game, be sure to check the levels of coronavirus in the area and behave with caution accordingly.
  • Bring hand sanitiser with you whenever you head out to go to a game.
  • Wash your hands when possible, at least before the start of the game and after it has finished.
  • Wear a face mask whenever you are required to do so.
  • Choose a face mask that you are happy to wear - with Cambridge Mask Co. you can even create your own customized face mask that features your team’s logo.

Why is wearing a face mask so important?

Face masks are an absolutely essential COVID-19 safety measure to take when you are heading out to stadium events. They prevent the transmission of respiratory droplets between individuals, keeping you and your fellow sports fans safe. In addition, masks also work to keep fans safe after a game, too. They are an absolute staple item to bring with you whenever you head out to the shops, visit a public place, or attend an event. Since our masks can be worn up to 3-6 months, athletes and fans can wear their mask both during a game, and when they do essential daily tasks such as commuting and grocery shopping. Our Cambridge Mask PRO model boasts an impressive range of features, which ensure that athletes, event staff and spectators are kept completely safe. The features of this specialist mask include the ability to:
  • Filter 99.6% of viruses
  • Filter 99.7% of bacteria
  • Filter PM10 and PM2.5
The mask is also environmentally friendly and can be washed at home. In addition, teams and businesses can even work with us to create their own customized design, which features their logo or artwork. This is a great opportunity for sports teams to sell on-brand face masks as merchandise for their fans. So, if you’d like to find out more about our state of the art face masks, ready for when the stadiums finally re-open, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at