PRO vs Non-Valve: The Difference

Cambridge Mask Co has come out with the latest and greatest in mask innovation with the same world-class filtration technology, but a new design and style that is compatible with 2021 travel mask requirements.

As you plan your summer travel 2021, you should be aware of updated international travel mask mandates that require specific types of face masks during transit. Though nearly all airlines and travel authorities require face masks during travel, some have now specified that passengers should only wear valve-less masks during transit.

But don’t fret, Cambridge Masks can get you from point A to B with the right PPE!

Cambridge Mask Co offer an assortment of protective masks for travel including masks with and without a valve. You might be wondering, what’s the difference between valved and non-valved masks?

Both our PRO and Non-valve offer top-of-the-line protection with military-grade filtration technology that filters out 99 percent of pollutants and particles, but each is slightly more fitting for different situations.

burns PRO

Our Cambridge Mask PRO, with a breathable exhalation valve, has been tested and successfully filters out particles as small as PM10, PM2.5, and PM0.3. It filters out 99.6 percent of viruses and 99.7 percent of bacteria and is treated with anti-bacterial silver, protecting you from the Coronavirus and seasonal illness. With our three-layer filtration technology, it can also protect you from severe air pollution, pollen, smog, and allergens.

Best of all, with the built-in valve system, our PRO series masks help you breath easily and naturally and can even help regulate CO2 build up — perfect for high-pollution areas or intense physical activity.

This mask is best used when you are in non-crowded areas or at times when you need increased airflow. Due to the advanced ventilation system, the valved mask is optimized for situations where you will have a higher respiratory rate like when you are biking, running, playing sports, etc.

On the other hand, if you plan to take a trip in summer 2021, Cambridge Masks also has a non-valve option perfect for air travel.

Many airlines are now requiring only non-valved masks for plane travel, as seen in this policy statement by Delta Airlines, "Any mask with an exhaust valve is not approved as an acceptable face mask for customers traveling on any Delta operated flight."

For that reason, the team here at Cambridge Mask Co has created an innovative and effective non-valved option to keep you safe no matter the situation. Just like our PRO series, our non-valved still filter PM10, PM2.5, and PM0.3, stopping 99.6 percent of viruses and 99.7 percent of bacteria. Our non-valved also contain the same innovative three-layer filtration system and stylish outer protective layer.

darwin non-valve

Though our non-valved series is slightly less optimized for situations with intense physical activity or high respiratory rates, it is perfect for air travel, grocery shopping, and crowded places as it gives you the same top-notch level of protection while minimizing risk to others and keeping you aligned with new regulations and legislation.

So, as you plan your trip for 2021, remember to stay up to date with international travel requirements and travel mask recommendations. Cambridge Masks provide the safest protection for flying and can help you on your journey to re-explore the world.