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Across the expanse of the earth’s ecological system wildfires are intensifying and covering further distances. Spanning the globe from Australia to Canada, the US to China, Europe and the Amazon, wildfires are having devastating effects on the environment, wildlife, human health, and infrastructure. Fire’s changing behaviour is directly related to the fact that we are changing the conditions in which it occurs. Not every fire is harmful, nor does every fire have to be extinguished, as fires provide a vital ecological function. On the other hand, fires that endure for weeks affect millions of people over thousands of square kilometres and present a major challenge, one that we haven’t equipped ourselves to fully handle. Lighting strikes and human errors have always and will always result in unforeseen and uncontrollable blazes – however - anthropogenic climate change, land-use adjustments, along with questionable land and forest management means that the conditions for wildfires have become a lot more ideal. Nowadays wildfires burn longer and hotter in places they typically occur, and they’re also turning up in unexpected locations, such as drying peatlands and on melting permafrost.

California hardest hit state in the US

Wildfires in California

Of all the states in the US, California has been hit the hardest by wildfires. High temperatures and arid conditions have in recent weeks caused a fast-paced spread of excessive wildfires, with evacuations in both California and Arizona. This summer has been particularly brutal with a series of blazes that have broken out across the US southwest, including a vicious one in New Mexico that became the worst one to date in that state. Officials have determined that these parts of the US are sure to face another intense year of fires. Arizona’s so-called pipeline fire has burnt more than 20 000 acres and has been fuelled by strong winds, and dry vegetation. Evacuations have taken place and homes have been threatened.

Solving the problem of reforestation with One Tree Planted          

One Tree Planted's contribution

The increased rate of wildfires on a global level means that reforestation has become a big deal and an industry unto its own, but not every reforestation program has been successful, in fact some have down right failed at their endeavours. Reforestation is not without its critics. Detractors have pointed out its so-called false blanket solution to the problem of climate change, which is a complex issue with multiple strands of contribution. Others have pointed out the somewhat tactless way some of the projects have been carried out, with many reforestation programs simply planting willy-nilly and not taking into consideration the biodiversity or ecology of the area in question. The good news is that not all reforestation programs can be painted with this brush, especially not One Tree Planted, a global non-profit tree planting charity with projects in Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Europe. One Tree Planted’s success lies largely in its careful examination of the areas in which it plants new trees. Unlike some of its peers that have shunned this act, One Tree Planted assesses the ecosystem of the selected area, thus creating a stronger likelihood of growth.

Cambridge Mask Co & One Tree Planted                                         

Here at Cambridge Mask Co we are proud to be partnered with this successful tree planting charity because like One Tree Planted, we want to see a greener, cleaner future in which everyone is breathing cleaner air. One Tree Planted does it by planting trees all over the world and we do it by making a product that filters the air you breathe. The utility of the Cambridge Mask has proven itself way beyond the confines of the pandemic. It has wildfire applications as it blocks particles down to size PM0.3 and offers the benefit of blocking most smoke particulates. Well-fitted, the Cambridge Mask should provide a barrier to protect from inhalation of forest fires and other smoke. Our partnership with One Tree Planted is such that each time you buy a PRO mask at full price, you’ll be planting a tree.

Particulate matter

California planting locations                                                         

One Tree Planted has a series of planting projects on the go in California, many of which are fire restoration projects with dates leading as far as 2024, with more to come for sure. One Tree Planted generally spends a year on each project, planting anything from 13 000 trees to over 400 000.  Here are some of the planting locations/projects that One Tree Planted is currently overseeing within the state of California along with projected numbers:

  • Artesian Plantation Reforestation (13 200)
  • Amargosa River Watershed Restoration (90 000)
  • Creek Fire Restoration (150 000)
  • Contra Costa County Wildfire Restoration (110 000)
  • Tenant Fire Recovery (70 000)
  • Hog and Sheep Fire Restoration (425 000)
  • Tahoe Fires Restoration (20 000)

With your help, they can and will see these projects into fruition. Cambridge Mask Co is proud to be in a collaborative partnership with this non-profit tree planting charity that’s making amazing inroads in the fight against climate change. As mentioned earlier, each and every time you buy one of our PRO masks at full price, a portion of the sale will go to One Tree Planted and you will have been responsible for the planting of one tree. Let’s all do our part to work toward a greener, cleaner future, and remedy the environmental impact of wildfires.

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