How Do I Find Out My Mask Size?

How do I find out my mask size?

Wearing the correct size mask is essential for effective filtration and comfort. What size mask am I? How can I find out my mask size? Do I really have to measure? Can't I just use my weight to guess? I ordered a mask, but it doesn't fit at all! Read on and we will answer your questions.

Almost every day our customer support team receive some iteration of the same question. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as we wished. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we’ve trawled the internet-wide and far to see if there is some correlation between other common body measurements that link to the mask size of the face - but it just isn’t a thing. We thought perhaps hat sizes could be a good way to go, but who honestly knows their hat size, and then that of saying your child’s hat size? We thought maybe the hands and feet could have a direct link - but it is still possible to have very large feet, and a medium face, so that idea was written off too.

Therefore, here are 2 ways you can make a pretty good guess, or a downright accurate decision.

1. I’ve got a tape measure and I’m not afraid to use it.

  • Suitable for seasoned mask consumers who have purchased one too many a saggy mask, and doesn’t have time for any more nonsense. You get to ditch the next three points and get yourself a mask that is going to fit.
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • High Success rate
  • If you are wondering how to measure your face correctly, we have prepared the size guideline.

2. I’ll use my height & bodyweight to guess

  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Varying results
  • Since body weight can differ hugely between people of all ages, body types, cultures and genders this is by no means a fail-safe way to choose your mask size.

NOTE: The problem with method 2 is that it doesn’t take these following factors into account.

  1. Your weight maybe not be typical, if you have more muscle mass, maybe you weigh heavier than average, but it doesn’t affect your face size.
  2. Body types (Ectomorphic, Endomorphic, and Mesomorphic) are very difficult to factor in. Read more here to see what type you are.
  3. Your height and weight may not correlate at all with face size - this can often be seen in very tall people with ectomorphic body types.

This is what we have for now, and as soon as we’ve found the magic recipe - we will be updating!

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