Face Mask Ergonomics – The Design Features Of A Good Mask

The world of face masks has certainly become a crowded one, and not necessarily for the better. Sure, these items have proven to be indispensable during one of the most trying times the world has faced in the last 100 years, but as much as they’ve saved lives and continue to do so, they’ve also created a massive environmental problem. Disposable face masks now litter our landscapes, enter our oceans, and release heavy metals and plastic fibres when submerged in water. The good news is that innovative companies like Cambridge Mask Co have come to the fore, offering face masks of a much higher quality and espousing a brand ethos that is aligned with the well-being of people and the planet on which we all live. But the question that then arises is, how has a company like Cambridge Mask Co managed to make a product that continues to prove its usage beyond the outskirts of an unfinished pandemic? 

Altruistic motives 

Cambridge Mask Co wasn’t born out of a sudden need to address a very sudden pandemic. The company’s origins can be traced across the ocean into East Asia – China to be more precise. Founder and CEO, Christopher Dobbing found himself in a teaching post in China and was deeply perturbed by what he saw in terms of the air that its citizens were breathing, and more so its children. Seeing children draw pictures of grey skies as if it was the norm prompted Chris to do something about it, and so Cambridge Mask Co was founded in 2015. It would be unfair not to mention that Dobbing did a lot of heavy lifting to bring the company to fruition, this included travelling to various locations around the world to source the various materials that would eventually amalgamate to produce a Cambridge Mask, not to mention landing an exclusive agreement with the UK military to use their activated carbon mesh as the third and final filter on the Cambridge Mask PRO, thus completing the mask’s holy trinity of filtration. 

A thing or two about ergonomics 

Ergonomic features

Ergonomics is one of the most important attributes of any physical product made for commercial use. To be more specific, ergonomics is about creating a good fit between people and the things they interact with, and this extends to the design of every product, system, or environment. Without ergonomics, commercial failure is very likely, as the product won’t fit the needs of the user. Ergonomics relies on anthropometrical data – data on human body size and shape – in order to ascertain the ideal form, shape and size of a product for ease of use. User characteristics considered includes body shape, body size, mobility, strength, mental ability, sensory sensitivity, experience, culture, emotions, training, and more. Ergonomics can be further subdivided into physical ergonomics, psychological ergonomics, and organisational ergonomics. 

The landscape of face masks has certainly evolved; one could even go so far as to say that competition is rife. To remain competitive requires several things; namely good customer service and constant refinement of product – an act that often requires customer feedback. Cambridge Mask Co is always pleased to hear back from its customers and takes all queries, complaints and suggestions very seriously, often opting to tweak their product if concerns prove valid. As it is, the face masks produced by the company are already at a zenith of ergonomics, here’s why… 

A size for all faces 

Cambridge Mask Co offers its customers a size guide to ensure that all masks purchased will comply with the contours of the individual’s face. Available in five sizes, ranging from XS for faces on the smaller side and children through to adults and XL for people with faces on the larger side. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, Cambridge masks provide protection against viruses, bacteria, and air pollution through the use of exclusive technology and design features that allows the wearer to adjust the mask for the perfect fit. Aside from the employment of exclusive UK military filtration technology, that serves as the third and final filter in the PRO mask series, Cambridge masks also rely on specific ergonomic features to help wearers get the most out of their masks in terms of function and comfort. 

Size guide

When fitted correctly, the masks will filter 99% of the air that passes through them. To make sure that the masks fit as well as possible, customers can utilise the size guide to get a mask that will be snug, comfortable, and functional. In order to achieve these goals, all Cambridge masks come with a headstrap, an adjustable nose clip, a nose foam, and adjustable toggles. The ear loops of the Cambridge Mask are woven thick and thus unlike a disposable mask, the ear loops are comfortable and won’t cause discomfort after long hours of wear. The headstrap is there to comfortably tighten the mask around the wearer’s head and is looped around the ear loops and then fastened by Velcro. The adjustable nose clip lets the wearer close out any air pockets around the upper cheeks and if it feels too tight on the bridge of the wearer’s nose, then the nose foam can remedy the situation by acting as a softening barrier between the bridge of the nose and the clip. Finally, there are the adjustable toggles that allow the wearer to further tighten the mask around the rest of the face. Together, all these ergonomic features work to close out all air pockets, thus allowing the user to benefit from the full extent of the Cambridge Mask’s filtration system. 

In conclusion 

Ergonomics plays a massive role in the modern-day face mask. These features are there for both comfort and optimal functionality. At Cambridge Mask Co, not only are these features inherent in every mask produced but so are eco-friendly ones. Each PRO mask replaces 170 single-use disposable masks and with that, 4 kilograms of plastic waste that would typically end up in oceans and landfills. In addition, Cambridge Mask Co is partnered with One Tree Planted, a global reforestation organisation that plants trees in accordance with the region’s ecosystem. Each time a Cambridge Mask is purchased at full price, a tree gets planted. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up to date with our One Tree Planted movements. Cambridge Masks – they’re good for the environment and they’re good for you.