Customising Cambridge Mask for Reckitt Benckiser Dettol

Did you know? 22 of the world’s 30 worst polluted cities are located in India and on average, 2.5million Indians die annual as a result of air pollution.

Reckitt Benckiser provides unrivalled household products within health, hygiene and nutrition sectors to people in over 200 countries worldwide. Each product is a leader in its category with well-known names such as Dettol, Durex, Clearasil, and Vanish which help to protect, heal and nurture people around the world.

On the premise of their mission to make a real difference to lives everywhere, Reckitt Benckiser wanted to provide protection against the catastrophic pollution levels in India, which continue to rise and cause harm to millions of people. Having tried and tested a multitude of various face masks on the market, RB struggled to find a high-quality mask that synced with their company standards. However, Cambridge Mask Co was found to pass the mark on both mask filtration and company synergy. An official partnership bloomed in 2018 and both RB and Cambridge Mask Co joined forces to combat the effects of air pollution across India.

With two signature product lines, the PRO and the BASIC, Cambridge Mask Co endeavors to provide better quality, cleaner air to everyone, everywhere. The PRO and the BASIC boast filtration capabilities of more than 99% of harmful air particles such as PM2.5 found in air pollution. The PRO uses exclusive military filter technology designed by the UK Ministry of Defense with anti-viral properties ensuring maximum protection against 99.6% of viruses and 99.7% of bacteria.


Part of the unique offering to large scale partnerships for distributors or wholesalers is the ability to provide bespoke customized masks with company logo, branding or design and this is exactly what Reckitt Benckiser did. They worked closely with the in-house design team to curate a unique mask promoting the Dettol branding on a certified PRO and BASIC Cambridge Mask. The customization allows for customers and employees to be reassured of the company’s commitment to combat the damages of air pollution and offer top tier protection.


Step 1: Consultation

RB Dettol have a design in mind, so they shared it on a design file in which our in-house designer team apply to our product.

Step 2: Design Approval

We create a design mockup for approval which later we will create the physical samples for.

Step 3: Creating the sample

On average, it will take 14 working days to create the sample.

Step 4: Feedback

Our team work closely with Reckitt Benckiser (Dettol) during this process as there were revisions on the design that has been sampled.

Step 5: Finalisation

Once the design has been confirmed by Reckitt Benckiser (Dettol), we start production.

If you would like to work with us to create a custom pollution mask for your company, you can contact us at to find out more.