Cambridge Mask Stockist: Wiggle

In 2020, Wiggle became another large household name to join as an official distributor of Cambridge Mask Co within the UK, aligning company values on offering the highest level of safety and protection to customers across the country. Wiggle is a well-known European online sports retailer, selling cycle, run, swim and outdoor equipment and apparel. Wiggle has always striven to be more than just a retailer; it works with brands to develop the best range in the tri-sports marketplace. The love for sport and their customers, is highlighted through their consistent delivery of high quality, certified goods.

Wiggle has an extensive range of sporting and fitness products and they have millions of customers located across the globe. The brand aspires to get people outside - regardless of their fitness level or experience with sports - to enjoy the fresh air and get active. Their aim is to provide the ability to access cycling and tri-sports to as many interested individuals as possible, regardless of whether they live in the rural countryside or the middle of a big city.

Centre for Cities 2019 research found that 62% of roads monitored in UK cities are exceeding the WHO’s annual PM2.5 guideline of 10g/m3.

In 2015, Christopher Dobbing founded Cambridge Mask Co on the premise of wanting to help people enjoy life outside without worrying about the air they breathe. With a mission to provide cleaner, better quality air, Cambridge Mask Co has become a market leader with rigorous certifications & testing and high-quality product filtering more than 99% of harmful air particles.

Both our PRO and BASIC range can be found under the Helmet & Protection department at Wiggle, reflecting the protective properties and purpose of the mask. Boasting impressive levels of filtration including harmful particulate matter in the size of 2.5 microns, found in air pollution, both companies believe that this is key to promote both fitness and positive mental health for their consumers.

wiggle anti pollution mask

With a premium anti-pollution mask from Cambridge Mask Co, the wearer is given the protection that they need from viruses, bacteria and air pollution that may be harmful to them when they are exercising outside. Read our certification here.


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