2021 Fashion Trends: How to Style Your Mask

It may have been a quiet year for the fashion world, as we donned the sweatpants and stayed indoors, but like every quiet period comes inspiration and a new lease of life. 2021 is officially here, and we are here to show you that Face Masks can indeed go hand in hand with this year's 2021 Fashion Trends.

From Catwalk to High Street, we have been scouring the world of fashion and this season has unveiled some seriously bold and stylish designs. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your monochrome outfits, jazz up your #workfromhome sweats or dominate the sidewalks in oversized blazers and camel, 2021 fashion trends are here to excite!

A trend that we have noticed is how some of the most influential decades have come back to play in this 2021 Spring / Summer trends! Along with this, there is no need for a fashion mask faux pas as Cambridge Mask is ready to style up your outfits with ease! So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

2021 Fashion Trends


We’re here for it, you’re here for it and the Eighties kids are in too. The Boyfriend Blazer is here to stay for the long run, and it’s keeping us hyped! Allowing you to create silhouettes and shapes with padded shoulders and oversized looks, whether you’re ready to create casual chic or dress it up with a bold statement piece, this item of clothing should be a must in every 2021 wardrobe. Cambridge Masks is loving greys & neutrals to match perfectly with our Duke PRO.

Cambridge Mask Blog - Boyfriend Blazer with High Boots and Duke PRO mask

Boyfriend Blazer | Knee-high Boots | The Duke PRO


If you don’t have a series of go-to neutrals in your wardrobe, now is the time to start creating some 2021 inspired outfits. Camel is back and it’s the perfect mixing essential, whether venturing into oversized suits, flares or adding in an element of yellow, this colour palette is one for the books. Pantone is stating New York's core classics evoke shifting powdery sands, whereas London is thinking coffee with cream. Take it as you will. Our go-to mask match? the 65Roses PRO & the Admiral PRO.


Like the LBD, the Little Black Face Mask (LBFM) is about to hit a home run and our Churchill Mask is going to be flying off the shelves. Not only fully a certified mask, but The Churchill is also here to be worn with every outfit; fashionable and safe! Black is the go-to colour, so time to ensure you have one of your own for a quick grab and go outfit completion! Take a look at our Camel & the Churchill PRO inspired outfit below.

Coat | Trousers | Body | The Churchill PRO Mask


Unsure of what to wear? Monochrome - your go-to outfit of choice. Chic, easy to put together & can always bring an element of luxe, no matter the price tag. You’ll always find it on the catwalks, and we’re sure you’re bound to find it in your wardrobe too. The beauty of this trend is the element of POP. Taking anything from a brightly coloured bag, to in our case one of our crafted Cambridge Masks. No fuss, straightforward and if Dolce & Gabbana are doing it, so can you. Our go-to mask match? the Nightingale PRO.

Cambridge Mask Blog - Nightingale PRO


Okay, let’s all close our eyes and wish upon all our lucky stars that it’s time to start heading out again and we need all the going out clothes. Fantastic. In comes the cut-out, the flossy cuts and some casual glam. From dresses to tops, to flossy straps on high waisted flares, the cut out has come back in and is here for this season's trend. Yep, we love it too. Check out below to find monochrome with cut-outs & pops of Cambridge Mask, the Watson PRO, Colour!

Cutout Dress | Boots | The Watson PRO Mask


Last but definitely not least, it’s time to complete every outfit! Although this has never left the catwalk, we’re now certain that the phrase ‘less is more’ has become a thing of the past. From longline necklaces to glitzing up your everyday outfits. Think party on the top and sweats below. Whether pearl laced or abstract designs, jewellery is back with a bang, and what better way to glam up your wardrobe than to adorn your masks with statement pieces! Check out amazing ways to style up your Cambridge Mask with one of the below! Our go-to Mask Match? ANY Cambridge Mask! (In picture: Duke PRO, Dorian PRO, and 65Roses PRO)

Pearl Chain | Gold & Pearl Chain | The Duke PRO | The Dorian PRO | The 65Roses PRO

We hope this blog piece able to inspire and support whilst keeping you fashionable and safe on the move, or even from the comfort of your sofa! For more information on our masks and to shop our full range, click HERE (UK & Worldwide store) or HERE (USA store).