Medical Uses for Cambridge Masks

I am working in a hospital or clinic, can this mask be suitable for me?

Unfortunately, the Cambridge Mask is not suitable to be used in a hospital setting by members of a healthcare team as it is not a single-use item and hence you would not want to dispose of it after contact with an infected patient. The hospital you work at will have an infection control policy that should be used when dealing with infected patients.  

A Cambridge Mask could be used to reduce your risk of respiratory infections when you are not at work, for example, is worn when in public settings or around others with respiratory infections. Other measures that can also be helpful include maintaining a good level of hand hygiene, avoiding crowded areas, and keeping your distance from others (airborne transmission of respiratory pathogens is reduced significantly over a distance of greater than 2m).


How many hours is the mask effective for? 

Attached are the usage guidelines which give the recommended number of hours of use before the mask would need replacing. These guidelines are based on the use of the mask to protect against pollution. The AQI (air quality index) in Blackpool tends to be in the good or moderately unhealthy range and hence the mask should be replaced after it has been worn for 340 hours. You can find the AQI in your local area by doing a simple internet search.  

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