Cambridge Mask Family Bundles - Cover the Whole Family!

Family comes first, and here at Cambridge Mask Co, you can ensure that the whole family stays protected with our money-saving family bundles. The Cambridge Mask is unlike any other pollution mask on the market. Equipped with a three-layered system comprising a third and final layer of activated carbon designed by the UK military for biological and nuclear warfare, this mask has proven its mettle in fending off particulate matter as small as PM0.3. Your family and loved ones deserve the best, so give them the best – give them the all-encompassing protective qualities of Cambridge Mask Family Bundle.

Choose your Family Bundle

There’s a bundle to suit all pockets and all family sizes. Get the Standard PRO Mask family Bundle which consists of 5 PRO Masks, for only £89.99 and save £30. Alternatively, up those numbers to our Ultra Family Bundle, which consists of 12 PRO Masks for £249.5. Remember, each PRO Mask has a shelf life of 3 to 6 months, meaning you’re covered for months on end when you choose one of our Family Bundles. To sum up:

  • Get 5 PRO Masks for £89.99
  • Get 12 PRO Masks for £249.5
  • Each mask lasts 3 to 6 months
  • Exclusive UK military Technology
  • Protect your family from 99% of air pollution, viruses, and bacteria
  • Get more mask for less money
  • Make sure your loved ones stay protected for months
  • Choose from an array of sizes
  • Fend off allergies, bacteria, and viruses
  • Lasting quality for up to 6 months per mask


“Cambridge Masks are the first ones I’ve been able to wear for any length of time. They’re comfortable, we’ll fitting, I can breath in them, and now I have my husband using them too!”
- Barbara
“The mask are the highest quality. Like the choice of colors and comfort of the mask. This is my second time ordering mask for my family.”
- Theresa
“I ordered 4 PRO masks for my family. Great value considering the overall quality which is very high in my opinion. The masks fit really well and feel pretty comfortable.”
- Nicki