Security Code

Each Cambridge Mask is given a unique serial number to ensure authenticity.
Before you open the mask:
1) Peel the top layer of the security seal to reveal the unique serial number
2) Scan the QR Code with any app and it will take you to our micro-site
3) The code will be automatically entered into the site when you scan it. Simply press “check” then a message will appear to confirm if the mask is authentic.
4) Note that each code can only be scanned once to prevent re-use of the labels


If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Mask Fitting Instructions

Making sure the mask fits properly is as important as the quality of the mask itself. When wearing the mask, please follow the steps below.


We designed our ear straps with comfort in mind and protection in focus. Please make sure it’s tight yet comfortable.


Most importantly, make sure that the nose pin is pressed down at the top and on the arches of the nose. 


Pull at the edges of the mask to flatten out the nose area to lessen the space between your nose and the mask.


Check that it fits comfortably and covers your chin. You can wear our masks with glasses, headphones and hats!


Cycle to work, avoid allergies or keep healthy during polluted days, we’ve got you covered!