Five Things To Do This Valentine's Day: Quarantine Style

It’s official, we are still in the midst of a pandemic, there’s no hiding from it. Now, whilst nothing seems to be going the way we want it to, that doesn’t mean we have to remove the romance (during quarantine) from this years’ Valentine's Day. Yes, Cambridge Mask is here to excite, ignite and innovate you this 2021. To show you that romance isn’t dead amidst COVID-19 and that even if you are locked in, you don’t have to shut this global holiday down. With rules differing from country to country, postcode to postcode, whether you’re social distancing, zooming from a distance or living under the same roof, we have something for you this Valentine's Day. Just because we are in the era of discouraging touch, this doesn’t mean discouraging romantic pursuits! Here are Cambridge Masks FIVE things to do this Valentine's Day!


You heard it here, this childhood game is coming back out for date night. Put on your comfies, grab your Cambridge Mask and jump in the car; this date night is perfect for the foodies, all whilst adding some fun to Valentine's Day. How to play: We all know the basics of Rock, Paper, Scissors - but instead of playing for competitive value, this time you’re playing to choose the Drive Through (or restaurant of choice). First win = Drinks Second win = Starter Third win = Main Fourth win = Dessert By the end of the night, you’re filled with all the goodies, you’ve kept socially distanced and you’re ready to head home and jump on the couch to watch Netflix. Dream? We think so.


Cambridge Mask Blog - Valentine's Day Quarantine Style Be gone old fashion Roses, let’s welcome in Partner In Wines limited edition Rose Pink insulated wine bottle and tumbler! With their tag line of ‘making socially distancing a walk in the park’, we’re officially sold on taking a brisk Valentine's Day walk with these wine bottles! This year there is no need to spend it indoors, for these bottles are both outdoor-friendly, whilst keeping cold things cold, and hot things HOT! So, whether you’re into a deep red or fancy sticking to tea, these babies are perfect for a socially distanced walk! Plus, match the Partner in Wine Rose bottle with our 65Roses Mask! Date day sorted.


If you’re no TikTok pro then you may have never heard of this trending challenge that originated using Target as the go-to store. Whether based in America or locked down in the UK, you can choose the store of your liking and your contender of choice. The beauty of the Date Night Challenge is that you don’t need to necessarily be together to compete. The goodies can be sent to your loved one elsewhere, whilst you open them via Video Call. However, if you are locked in love together, it’s time to set the price budget and follow the rules. How to play: 1. Set the price budget, whether you’re keeping it low or splurging out, it’s time to get creative. 2. Answer the following questions about your partner/loved one/friend;

  • What is their favourite drink?
  • What is their favourite snack?
  • What is their favourite colour?
  • What is something that reminds you of them?
  • What is something that they need?
  • What is something you want them to try?

BONUS: Plan out the movie to watch after opening the goods! 3. Once you have answered the questions, go into the store of choice and buy these items. 4. Share the gifts individually on the count of three. Some ideas? Think date night vibes; a bottle of wine, their favourite chocolates, a Cambridge Mask in their favourite colour (keeping them both safe and stylish) - go wild! It’s amazing what you can find in the supermarket now!



It’s time to get your chef on. Yes, you read that right, whether you’re with your loved one or spending it apart, both of you can don the chef's whites and get creative this Valentine's Day. Now this date idea can take many avenues, whether ordering in a meal box to create together, following an online cooking show or having a cook-off, your creativity is what counts. If you aren’t much of the chef or the creative for that matter, we have been loving scrolling through Pinterest to get recipes, cooking challenge ideas and more! Dress up, have fun, and whether you’re in person or Zooming away, this date night idea is all about laughing your way through it! Remember; cooking is love made visible.


Last but definitely not least is one of our favourite at-home Valentine’s Day activities! With the world progressing faster than ever before, tech is at the forefront of all activities. As visiting other cities is out of the question, Airbnb has launched their Online Experiences, that any of us can be a part of! Whether celebrating the day of love at home with the family, snuggling up with your partner, or studying at University with friends, every single one of us can get involved. What’s on offer? Airbnb’s Online Experiences are all about finding unique activities led by one-of-a-kind hosts - all without leaving home. From virtually following a Plague Doctor through Prague to Meditating with a Japanese Buddhist Monk all the way to Love & Secrets with Drag Queens! These virtual experiences are offered in a range of languages, time zones and activities. Social Distancing has never been easier!


We know that the past year has been hard on us all, and here at Cambridge Mask, we not only want to keep you safe and moving around, but we also want to fill this year with hope, love and opportunity. So have fun this Valentine's Day, stay safe and get creative!