Can Wearing a Mask Reduce My Allergy Symptoms?

As we enter Spring, the temperature is warming up, and we are all looking forward to getting outside for some fresh air with our friends and family. While most people are excited for the Spring and Summer ahead, those who suffer seasonal allergies have an added worry to add to their list with those allergy symptoms coming out of the woodwork again! But there's some good news, mask wearing can actually help reduce those allergy symptoms - yet another reason to Mask Up!  

Recent studies have shown the act of wearing a face mask can help reduce allergy symptoms in those who suffer regularly from seasonal allergies. Dr. David Lang, an allergist at Cleveland Clinic has been advising mask wearing to severe allergy symptoms long before the pandemic, whilst outside the home or engaging in prolonged activities.  

Face mask for allegies

We all know that we are wearing face masks to protect ourselves and those around us from transmitting viral particles to help reduce the spread on COVID-19. Both cloth and medical grade masks do more than an adequate job of protecting us from catching the virus, but they can also help in the fight against seasonal allergies such as hay fever which is an added bonus as we enter into the warmer months.  

Outdoor Allergies 

Outdoor allergies

Hay fever or allergic rhinitis occurs when our immune systems identify allergens such as pollen as a threat and causes an immune response. This is what causes us to sneeze, suffer a runny nose or blocked sinuses. Because pollen is airborne, it can be inhaled. It has been noted by allergy experts that since wearing a face mask became the norm many people have seen a reduction in their allergy symptoms. This is great news for anyone who suffers severe symptoms of hay fever, simply keep wearing your mask to reduce your exposure to pollen, which will in turn reduce your symptoms. 

By using a mask with filter technology such as Cambridge Mask Co, symptoms of hay fever and other seasonal allergies can be greatly reduced. The Admiral PRO is an ideal mask for allergy sufferers or respiratory illnesses due to its comfortable tight fit and the fact it is certified & tested to filter out almost 100% pollution and other fine airborne particles that can be an irritant. Re-usable, and washable – our PRO mask can last for up to 340 hours of active use allowing you to get out and about this Spring whilst leaving your allergies at home. 

What is the difference between Covid-19 and allergy symptoms? 

This was a big concern during the first wave of the pandemic. But the symptoms are quite different. With COVID the most common symptoms are fever, body aches, sinus pressure and loss of sense of taste and smell. With seasonal allergies, more common symptoms are sneezing, runny nose and blocked sinus. Fever and body aches are never associated with allergy symptoms.  

So the bottom line is if you are an allergy sufferer there's even more reasons than before to invest in a high quality filter mask from Cambridge mask Co than before. It could help relieve your symptoms and reduce the need for more medication to be taken. Allergy sufferers or not we should all continue to do our bit to help transition our lives back to the new normal by wearing a face mask when in a public space to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19.


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